Who doesn’t love music, right? Everybody loves music, right? Especially the music from their “heyday” and you often see people walking around with those ear buds or those oversized headphones, just listening away to whatever is on their phone. Having a truly pleasant listening experience all around, you would think? However, it’s only very pleasant until you realize that you have completely over-exhausted all the music that’s currently on your phone and each track change, feels like going from some old crap  to another new drab song, that you now hate more than ever. This is what we have now come to know and realize as the “Mid-Life Digital Music File Crisis”.

Yes, life is clearly better now than back in the old days, when you had to stick in a tape cassette, fast forward, rewind and flip the tape to Side B, in order to just hear that one damn song that you wanted to hear. But, years on from the I-Pod, when everybody was really listening and really loving their music, a true revolutionary time in music up until today, where we’re pretty damn sure that we are not the only one’s that are left somewhat frustrated by our own music library. This could perhaps be because today’s “new” music really lacks the ingredients of good music gone passed or what we like to call “substance”, if you will? Or perhaps, it’s because you once had all your favorite songs in your library, until that one day when your laptop was stolen, leaving you with whatever music files that you had backed up on some “Cloud”, or within some rogue music folders on your computer, that you’d totally forgotten about. What’s more tragic is that it wasn’t even your main music folder.

Yes, sometimes going from song to song can be excruciatingly painful, where you suddenly begin prefer to listen to radio silence or just contemplate in wiping the whole slate clean and starting again from “zero.”

That face you make, when you’ve had enough of all the music problems! Photo Credit: Geralt – Pixabay

How about those “ghost” songs, which are seen inside the phone, but that only play while being connected to Wi-Fi or some crap 4G roaming fee, a sort of trick of the mind of sorts, where you’re left wondering, WTF?! Is this song even in here? Why won’t this song ever play, anymore?! Are these damn songs stuck up in the Cloud somewhere? We think they are and we’re pretty damn pissed off about it.

Then you start to reminisce about all your old CD’s that are now stuck in some storage facility in Wapping, which you will never ever see again or to those classic albums that you sold off to Music Magpie, that are now on sale in some CD shop in Slovakia. This s**t hurts!

It seems that through the progression of I-Tunes and Music as a whole, many people might just be pretending to listen to music now, rather than actually listening to any music at all. With the added annoyance of music that you once purchased digitally, but it was under another user name you owned then, so now Apple I-Tunes ask you for an “Authorization” that never ever “effin” works, only making you re-buy that same damn album, at least twice! Screw you I-Tunes! Whuu-effin-huuu for not having CD’s around, anymore eh?! Yes, the digital file is more convenient but not when it ends up ruining your music collection, maybe it’s not.  So, as modern music gets worse and worse, you’re stuck with half or even less of your entire music library and you’re daunted by the mammoth task of rebuilding your hoard from scratch! Where did all the wonderful music that you used to listen to actually “go”?

Now, of course people say that you should sign up to Spotify or Apple Music for a monthly fee, to which we say a resounding and rather large “NO!” to; because we want to listen to our music, not music that’s recommended to us by someone else. Music that they think that you might like?! What?! You don’t think that I can find my own music anymore, GTFOH! So, you’re saying that I don’t have taste in any music? Or are you saying that I don’t know the music that I even like? Sorry, we’re not one of those impressionable people, “see”, Apple sir!

So, “No” we haven’t signed up to hear what Apple Music recommends for us to listen to and we haven’t yet stripped all the music  from our own iPhone library just yet, either. But, when we do, surely a sense of  joy will come over us and we will proudly shout, “we fought the resistance and we won!”

Yes, that’s how difficult it has seemingly become to command your own music space with the ever-increasing complications of digital downloads and the storing of your music up in some fake “Cloud” that only serves up annoyance; when the sh*t hits the fan, figuratively speaking. They’ve made it all too confusing and perhaps that was their goal all along, so that we’d ultimately be stuck listening to Justin Beiber (buy) and Beyoncé (major facepalm!) Oh, did we mention the Grammy Nominations were just announced ? Zzzzzzzz.


Happy listening’s’ everyone! Brainstain, over and out!

<Story by The Narrator>

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