10 Signs that Somebody Is A Psychopath

Does somebody that you know have psychopathic tendencies? We’re sure it’s a question that you have asked yourself time and time again. Or do you, yourself find it hard to relate to people and society around you? Does this person seem to be manipulating situations in their favour or for their own agenda?

Then chances are that they are a psychopath, so with that in mind, here are the 10 Signs that Somebody Is A Psychopath.

1 – As a psychopath, they will look and act fairly normal to generic society standards anyway. This is because they have a “mask” of normality that is likeable and pleasant. For example, they may do good deeds to gain trust, but underneath the mask lays darker and more sinister motives.

Norman Bates had some serious mother issues. Buy Psycho.

2 – Smug? Vain? Egotistical? They’re a know it all, who believes they are smarter and superior to everyone else around them.

Patrick Bateman, one of those “Psycho” city bankers with a penchant for prostitutes. Buy here.

3 – They have a constant need for stimulation. Stillness, quiet and being able to reflect are not the things embraced by “psychopaths” and as a result they need constant entertainment and activity.

Charles Manson, a vile and disgusting man. Learn more here.

4 – They mislead, they over exaggerate and they generally are conniving liars.

Aileen Wuornos was bat shit crazy, see that Broomfield documentary here.

5 – They manipulate people and situations to favour their own needs and agenda.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter from ‘The Silence of The Lambs‘. Great movie, terrible psycho.

6 – They have an absence of guilt or remorse for any actions, which is a true sign of psychopathy, lacking empathy.

A novelist with writer’s block, Jack Torrance, buy The Shining.

7 – Psychopaths have shallow emotional responses and they do not react normally to deaths, injuries or other events that would cause a deep negative response in others. So, basically if have no feelings and your heart is as black as your soul, then you could already be “psychotic” in nature.

Anders Brevik, learn more here.

8 – They have no sympathy or compassion for others; basically all they care about is themselves.

Ted Bundy, a sick-sick man. Here’s a film about him.

9 – Poor behavioural control, sexual promiscuity, sudden and often violent outbursts, their mood can go from eerily silent to scarily erratic in just a space of a few seconds.

James Holmes, a disgusting and vile person. A simple execution wouldn’t be enough for this sicko.

10 – They’re dreamers. Psychopaths have unrealistic goals for the long term. Either that or they have no goal at all, or they set the benchmark so high, that their goals are unattainable and are based on the exaggerated sense of self ego and self importance.

This is a photo of Hillary Clinton. Photo Credit Business Insider. Buy a book here.

We are not “psychopaths” here at Brainstain, but we have surely come across some suspect individuals in our day that truly encompass these ten horrible character traits, which might have you asking, are they in fact, “a psychopath?” You be the judge! Please, let us know who your favorite “psychopath” is in our comments section.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Psycho Promotion Poster

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