Free the Romance: Pamela Anderson Visits Assange

Everyone’s favorite buxom blonde of years passed, Pamela Anderson who is definitely well into her MILF stage, is still looking great at 49, and has been pictured delivering some dinner to Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy located in London, Mayfair, once again. We are starting to sense that there is perhaps some romance in the air, as this is the fourth time the former Baywatch star visits the Wikileaks founder, that has been shacked up in the Embassy since 2012, because of a very suspect rape charge originating from the country Sweden.

This charge or accusation seemed to have conveniently coincided with his “Most Wanted” status amidst divulging many classified files from the U.S.A. However, more recently and more importantly he had done some juicy leaks of content from the Democratic party email server, exposing many a scandal involving Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and even slightly, some sensitive responses from Barack Obama to Hillary herself. But, that’s none of our business.

Assange on the balcony of The Ecuador Embassy

A couple of weeks ago, Julian Assange (buy book) was questioned about the alleged rape incident at the Ecuadorian Embassy with two socialist Swedish Lawyers and reportedly the interview went quite well.  However, this incident or claims of a rape in Sweden, seems a lot more like a convenient trap in order to stop him in his tracks as apart of a smear campaign against him in 2010, as do you really think Pamela Anderson would be seemingly interested or on a friendly basis with a rapist?

Perhaps, that woman in Sweden was gold-digging, perhaps they were honey traps (or spies) or were they just looking for an opportunity of some kind. Or was it all lost in translation? Nobody knows the identity of the women, it is claimed there is an incident of rape and molestation.  However, we feel that this might just be character assassination of the political kind.

Perhaps, these women were approached by spies after the fact, who knows? A couple of days ago, Assange had said that they had had full consensual sex without a condom many times, so it really does make you wonder? Seemingly if you’re the founder of a website that divulges secrets and scandals, to no “surprise” there might be people that are being summoned up to stop you. However, during the US election, Hillary Clinton was unable to stop the various leaks from her email server, which exposed her scandals, so many in fact, that we don’t even wish to revisit them, ever again.

Pamela is now doing food deliveries in London. Perhaps, she’d like to deliver us some food too, as we’re feeling pretty hungry.

It is nice to see Pamela Anderson (buy Baywatch) going to visit Julian Assange as we believe that “Freedom Fighters” need some loving too. Is the relationship platonic or starting to verge on the romantic side? So far, this is still yet unclear, but what we do know is that Julian Assange does not like Pret-A-Manger sandwiches.

I mean, who does? He jokingly proposed that a food delivery that Pamela did before the U.S. election consisted of a poisonous vegan sandwich from Pret and with all the preservatives in their food, who would disagree. Hopefully Pamela brought him something a little more “healthy” this time, after initially describing the Pret A Manger sandwich as a form of torture. Spot on, Julian!

It would be nice if he could leave the Embasssy some day and what would be even nicer is if Donald Trump would pardon Julian Assange. In hindsight, this may be a good idea, perhaps in return for shutting down Wikileaks. Just a thought and we feel that Julian Assange should perhaps have been the runner up for ‘Person of The Year’ as opposed to Hillary Clinton. We are still not sure how or why she even ended up there in second place, anyway.  Probably, just named 2nd to appease some more sour grapes and as for those Jill Stein recounts that are making her very rich indeed, proves yet again that Hillary can not only lose once in every state, but now, she loses twice as the humiliation continues.

So, why is Pamela Anderson visiting Julian Assange? Is it romance, is it friendship or is it both? You’d definitely trust Pamela to know that she could probably just about visit anybody, so let’s be honest and say that Julian Assange is most likely “100%”, a very cool guy and truly a good person. In fact, you can see it by just looking at him, can’t you?

It will be interesting to see how this develops in the coming months, with in regard to the “Freeing of Assange” and or also more Pamela Anderson visits. Julian Assange has already proved to be quite a historic and iconic figure of modern times and we feel that Pamela finds that his righteousness and intelligence is surely most attractive.


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Featured Photo Credit: Sky News

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