Judge Reinhold: No More Mr. Nice Guy, TSA

Actor Judge Reinhold, 59, who is best known for his roles in ‘Ruthless People’ and the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ film franchise, was at Dallas Love Airport, going through the TSA security check point, on his way to New Mexico, when suddenly he was selected for a random pat down.   This didn’t go down too well with the man, who is famous for his sympathetic appearance and also for his ‘mister nice guy’ acting roles. He was seemingly already fed up with the line at the security check and was thus called over for a closer inspection, but this is when Reinhold blew his top at the agents and he firmly refused the security check, all together.

He responded by pulling off his shirt in front of all the other passengers and then released an expletive tirade of curse words against the Transportation Security Administration, shocking the onlookers. Secretly we have all wanted to do that at some point in our lives, just give them a piece of our mind, but then reason would kick in, with the impending threat of an anal cavity search condemning you to keep quiet.

Come on! You remember him?

Not surprisingly, Judge Reinhold refused his pat down in a private room and we suppose he felt he was being unfairly targeted. Perhaps, they didn’t recognize him? TSA claimed he seemed belligerent on Thursday at 2pm and they also claimed that his hand luggage set off some warning signs. However, by then Judge landed himself in hot water with the domestic border guards by snapping and losing his cool, after declining the request for a pat down and presumably calling them every name under sun, before removing his T-shirt. That’s a good idea!

But, who hasn’t been close to losing their cool in the airport with all the stress that air travel can produce? Many people have been mighty close, but our instincts’ always tell us to always hold it together, but no, not Judge, he decided to challenge his inspection, resulting in his arrest for misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

So, he had to sit it out and get his mug shot done at the Dallas County jail. What upset Reinhold was that he had cleared the security scanner without a single sound, so he felt that a pat down was unjust, as explained his attorney, Steve Stodghill, who also said that his hand luggage had set off an alarm. Which was apparently the reason for his closer inspection, but you can never be sure. So, instead of flying to New Mexico, where he has a home in Santa Fe, instead he ended up spending some money on his lawyer and spending some time in jail. And, how was your day?

Hopefully this will alert Hollywood directors to the fact that the infamous Judge Reinhold is still really well liked, despite his TSA rage and he could possibly even be available for new film roles’. It is still not yet clear, if he will have to go before a Judge. (see what we did there).

Anyways, here you can watch that unforgettable stereo sales scene from ‘Ruthless People’, where you can see some of his true acting talent.

Or in this fun scene alongside Danny De Vito and Bette Midler, in a film, where he plays a nice guy who has fallen on hard times and he has to engage in some form of criminality, in order to pay the bills.

Lastly, we had to reference Sebastian Maniscalco’s funny interpretation of air travel today,  including his impression of the first line of defence at Chicago O’Hare Airport, the TSA.



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Featured Photo Credit: Dallas County Police Department

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