United Airlines Introduces Carry-On Luggage Charges

We must really feel like being inside an airport or aboard a plane today, because we have more Travel news.  Or maybe it’s just because there have been some interesting developments within the Air Travel industry in the USA yesterday, that we couldn’t help but weigh-in on? Yes, United Airlines has just introduced new plans for 2017, in charging economy passengers extra money to place their carry on luggage in the above seat storage compartments. You might say that this sounds absurd and is a totally crazy idea, unless you’ve experienced the types of carry-on luggage issues first hand, that you might encounter on your average U.S. domestic flight.

Ever since the airline industry introduced an extra charge on domestic flights, to check-in a piece of luggage, a lot of U.S. passengers had decided that they didn’t need to check-in any bags at all. Wait, what?!

Yes, they claimed in their minds to be so good at traveling, so nifty, so great, that they only needed to pack everything in their questionably large rolling carry-on luggage. Yes, you already know what I mean? Those inconsiderate flyers that jam their oversized carry-on bag on top of your normal carry on luggage, inside the above storage compartment area, even though it doesn’t even fit, without potentially crushing some of your own belongings. Wow, nice job genius!

Here, remember this scene? Watch it here and then multiply that by every passenger on the goddamn plane and then you start to realize what United Airlines were trying to get at here! If all passengers decide to stick the luggage in the storage bins as a carry-on, rather then check-in any luggage at all, then there won’t be any space for anybody else’s hand luggage. Morons!

If you’re packing your whole house in your carry-on luggage, you might wanna’ think about checking it in! Photo Credit: BonnieHenderson-Pixabay

We can recall a particular flight earlier on in the year, from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, where we had naturally paid to check in our luggage and simply had a small backpack as our carry on luggage. However, the plane was full to capacity and we can recall looking around and there was every type of unprofessional traveller on this flight that you could ever imagine, acting so savvy with their over-sized carry-on bags, and then trying to jam them in, into places where they didn’t even fit. It’s so-so very tiring to watch, indeed. As the lady who cramps in next to you in the middle seat decides to try and stick her carry on roller bag, in between her legs for a two and half hour flight, even though her bag seemed more of a fit for the check-in stage. Basically compromising your leg room which you paid for. Go back to some place, lady! And, next time check your bag.

Unbelievable! Have people literally become that cheap and inconsiderate that they’d rather struggle with an oversized carry-on bag, invade your right to space and your already paid for right to carry a carry-on luggage onto the plane, because you actually checked in your bag?! We can even recall a flight attendant asking us to move our small backpack from the overhead storage locker, because there simply wasn’t enough space for all the people that didn’t pay to check-in their luggage. WTF!

So, this is how United Airlines intend on dealing with the problem, by charging higher fares for people with over-sized carry-on luggage, that wish to store them in the upper lockers. Good! However, this wouldn’t have been a problem, unless the Airline industry, didn’t decide many years ago, to give you an option of paying to check-in a bag or not, on domestic flights!

Yes, this is an on-going Airline industry mistake by trying to charge you more money wherever possible, thus also making things more complicated when you book a flight. You see, because if they’d never changed it in the first place, then people wouldn’t now be seen trying to jam in these big bags into these overhead bins. So, because of this issue of stupid travellers thinking that they were being clever by refusing to check-in luggage and thought that they could beat the system, by putting everything in the carry-on luggage compartment, now you got to pay extra for that, too. See what happens, when idiots try?

Don’t forget, you’ll also be charged for some terrible food nowadays, on all domestic flights. Photo Credit: Daedulus – Pixabay

The United website explained that there will be a fare for those with an oversized carry-on luggage and another fare for those that are simply traveling with a small backpack or laptop bag. Okay. So, hopefully they might re-introduce normal fares with the check-in luggage already included in the fare, with a right to a carry-on? We sincerely hope they do! That would be nice, so we’d stop seeing these “jackasses” trying to place massive bags in the upper-seat compartments while invading your right to storing yours, just because they are inconsiderate and are for lack of a better word, “cheap!”

However, the passengers who will disagree with this new rule, that we will probably also now see being rolled out across all domestic flights very soon, are the types of passengers who thought that they really could beat the system by jamming all their belongings into one carry-on bag. Saving perhaps $20-$25, but now their greediness and disregard has cost them an extra charge, placed on all of us, basically! Nice job, you silly-small minded travellers. Um, can’t we all just go back to how flying was back in the late nineties, with in regard to baggage?

Of course, the Airline industry will always invent new ways to charge you more money, like the grand scam of baggage weight, where they make you remove items from your bag at check-in and then stick them in your hand luggage. “But, it’s still all going on the same plane, anyway?! So, what’s the damn point?!” The point is that they want to charge you more money. But, they will say that it’s because of the poor bag handlers, who shouldn’t lift anything heavier than “X” amount of Lbs. (20Kgs) per item, as they might hurt their backs. GTFOH! Watch comedian Sebastian Maniscalco’s travel interpretation here, to see what happens when he goes to check-in his bag with United Airlines. Hilarious! Buy his special, here.

From our past experiences we could see how these novice travellers, tried to beat the system, but now we have all lost some more travel rights’. Don’t be surprised if in the New Year, this rule will be standard on all domestic flights, not only in the USA, but in other countries, as well. At least, this will hopefully stop those clearly mindless travellers from thinking that it’s okay that they try to jam their suitcase into an upper compartment, whilst nearly sticking their crotch right in your face at the same time.


Just check the effin’ bag! Would ya?!

In case you missed it, here’s “Greg Focker” with his bag again.

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Featured Photo Credit: Stefan4472 – Pixabay

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