CASE OF THE MONDAY’s: Narrator’s Quotes Part IV

Sorry, that we came in a little late with today’s Monday favorite series’. But, with Christmas’s now less than just two weeks away, are our Monday’s now becoming less like a ‘Case of The Mondays’? We didn’t think so, but we’re still not sure, as today was truly a tiresome day, but we got there in the end. Yes, back up to godspeed after a lack of sleep the night before. We can all at least dream of a few days off for the holidays, right? It’s coming up very shortly, hence, we decided that this is our last instalment of…


Let’s do this!


“Few inspire while time transpires, they act with disconnected wires, turning into eventual liars, with no priors to how their energy devours, like rotting flowers on a bed, with no powers” – The Narrator


This one must’ve come way out of left field, but it will set the tone nicely for our up and coming nonsensical poetry series, exclusively for all our fans that really enjoyed ‘Case of The Monday’s’. But, there’s still time for a few more. Let’s get at it, shall we? This one is a gem for these current times…


“I will find the date of when the masses embraced lies and fear, and shunned the  reality to which was loud and clear. This keeps on happening today, people nowadays find comfort in lies and the fake, perhaps, brainwashed at the stake? Rather then succumb to the truth of someone so real, his word so strong, making the masses scared enough to believe that it was all wrong?!” – The Narrator


Yes, somehow this other old one we had, seems to fit in with what’s happening right now in the “FAKE NEWS” epidemic. People now love fake news, as is seen on CNN and everywhere else. We feel that they’re still very angry that Donald Trump won and not Hillary and now they are trying to blame it on Russia, because they are upset that Trump removed the CIA from his office, as well. Unbelievable times and it was great foreshadowing by us here at Brainstain, sort of like a tipsy ‘Nostradamus’, to write this way-way before it even happened, years ago! Do we have another one, to close this ‘Case of The Monday’s’? series off  in true style, which we truly hope, has enlightened or at least made some of your lives’, just a little bit more “mwah”?


“The people that are very real spring more fear into those that choose not to hear, because they live without ears, for so many comfortable years, only embracing and following many lies, because of the fluffy bedcover that it prov-ides.” – The Narrator


Once again, another one about people choosing to believe in lies, somehow, we’re not surprised, that this one would come to be realized. And, published one day and we feel it was so apt and just perfect for this Monday of all Monday’s, with so much fake news on mainstream media for your average “ba-eeing” sheep skinned human to eat up like grass.

We think that unless we hear that you want more in the series of “A Case of The Monday’s”; that this will in fact, wrap things up nicely, until we begin a wonderful poetry section, which is still out on the brain stained drawing board.


Right now, the lies are about Russia influencing the USA elections. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of more lies, coming up, stay tuned.


Brainstain, over and out! 10-4! Roger ‘dat! Out with a bang!

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<Story by The Narrator>

Feature Photo Credit: Johny_deff  – Pixabay

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