According to The New York Post, the world-renowned Sony Corporation in Tokyo is contemplating placing the U.S. based Sony Pictures Entertainment, under the umbrella of its more profitable gaming division. The reason for this is clearly aligned with that their motion picture output having struggled of late, in comparison to its vast and profitable gaming output. Whilst, parts of Sony have seen a decline in revenue, it is the Sony Playstation 4 and its re-launch with a slimmer version, which has seemingly kept the corporation afloat and in the profits.

If they decide to merge the motion picture unit with the gaming division, it will see Andrew House, the Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment having his control over the motion picture unit. Although, Sony is ranked at number 5 at the box office with receipts, admittedly they could be doing much better in the film department. The gaming unit has raked in $6.4billion in the last six months, with $624million on the 30th of September, as its operating profits. Not bad, you could say, whilst, post ‘Black Friday’ it saw 50 million units of the Sony Slim Playstation 4 (buy) and the new 4k Playstation, accumulate the sales as a whole when combined.   On the contrary, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s latest films don’t seem as appealing as they should, with ‘Passengers’, ‘Underworld: Blood Wars’ & ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ being their latest releases. That’s a couple of sequels, at least.

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Christmas sales of the new Playstation VR headset will also be key to Sony’s future success as the fiscal year draws to a close on March 31st. However, Sony refuted claims that Andrew House would take over the motion pictures studio, even though, Michael Lynton who is Chief Executive at Sony Corporation of America reported a revenue of $3.7billion but registered a loss of $74million. “There is talk they are going to merge Sony Pictures Entertainment with PlayStation,” said a source, familiar with Sony’s thinking. There’s also talk of Michael Lynton looking for an exit, after two more box office flops with the recent ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot and also ‘The Magnificent Seven’ underperforming at the box office and generally not being well received by film audiences. There are also rumors that Michael Lynton, an early investor in Snapchat may pull out of Sony and join the Tech giant, full time.

What is clear to us here at Brainstain, is that people are not interested in sequels or reboots, or even in generally boring films starring Jennifer Lawrence, anymore. With this years Oscar’s set to be one of the least watched Oscar’s ever, is it that the people’s interest is waning from films to gaming, or is it because there’s a lack of good and original films being made nowadays, especially via Sony Pictures Entertainment? It could also be due to the well known fact, that younger generation’s attention spans are inherently shorter in the dawn of all the social media and snap short videos; plus people spending more time online or in front of their Playstation 4’s. If it weren’t for Playstation 4, we think that Sony would be in some serious trouble. Luckily, there’s still Playstation 4, which is clearly the best gaming console on the market. Amen, to that! Buy a Playstation 4 here, with FIFA17 to cure any momentary boredom.

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