And, That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles…

Times are hard. No longer do people want plain and boring. They want exciting, they want interesting and they want that change from the norm, they want…chocolate covered biscuits.

Sales of ‘ordinary’ biscuits, such as Rich Tea, have been shunned for their chocolate covered counterparts such as Jaffa Cakes and Cadbury’s fingers’. With recent events such as Brexit, Donald Trump becoming President-elect, benefits being capped and numerous other issues, it is easy to see why people are choosing chocolate covered biscuits instead of plain biscuits: A method of comfort in these unsure times.

Photo Credit: 9355 – Pixabay

The UK biscuit business is worth £2.4bn which fell around 0.3% last year, Mr. Mcvitie is not out of a job…yet.  However, the biscuit industry is linked to the childhood obesity epidemic. Statistics show that 19.1% of children aged 10-11 are currently obese, with 14.2% being in the overweight category.

Generations of children are at risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, so should we question the amount of biscuits still being sold in the UK?

Obesity puts a strain on the NHS of around £25,000 a year, money that could be spent treating cancer patients or those with life-threatening conditions. You may think that this doesn’t relate to you, but who funds the NHS, you, the taxpayer, and your money is being spent on people that should be given the right guidance to heal themselves.

In 2014, two million obese patients received gastric bypass surgery in order to lose the weight necessary for them to work their way back to full health.

Our main concern with this process is the lack of support during and after the procedure. There are some who are blending food – such as KFC- to maintain their fix, which highlights the importance of courses on nutrition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as the surgery only deals with the physical side of obesity.

Eat too many cookies and this might be you. Photo Credit: GenderArts – Pixabay

Aside from overeating, many people believe that obesity is also linked to genetics. Slow metabolisms and increased appetites have been passed down through generations. Being overweight or obese can lead to depression, which makes it harder to seek help.

Naive people believe that a 30 second chat with your GP is enough to trigger weight loss, calling their patients out on being ‘fat’ apparently correlates to the amount of weight being lost by patients, so this is the way forward…’Hey, you, fatty, lose some weight’, did it persuade you?

We are the laziest generation so far, most of us won’t leave the house or put on pants unless it is absolutely necessary and who needs too? We can order food, clothes, and furniture from the comfort of our own house, in many jobs you can work from home, and cars are being used to drive right down to only the end of the road. We need help, we need…less biscuits.

Maybe, the problem is that we don’t have enough tough love, our previous generations knew food scarcity and not the convenience of today.

Most meals are microwaveable and fresh foods are complained at for being too high in price, and many of us are on a strict budget to provide food for our families.  During World War 2, food was rationed during the great depression, people could only afford to buy the essentials and sometimes not even those.

And yet, here we are in 2016, choosing between a plain biscuit or one smothered in chocolate. What went wrong? We think it might have something to do with all the processed foods and the general crap in the list ingredients.


<Story by Sophie Ogden>

Featured Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire – Pixabay

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