Three Women Sexually Assault Young Footballer

In Preston Crown Court, East Preston, England, three young women have been charged with Sexual Assault of a 20 -year old football player. The three women from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, maybe should be thrown into a furnace or not? But, you decide on that, as their actions were completely wrong, as they took the male victim home from a night out and then plied him with lots of vodka, making him pass out, then cut his hair and then performed sex acts on him. Not really, good news, is it? As you will hear that it gets much worse.

This isn’t acceptable behavior, the women named as, Brogan Gillard 26, Shannon Jones 20, and Paige Cunningham 22, sexually assaulted the sportsman in degrading ways, whilst dancing and seemingly having fun with it. The three admitted to sexual assault, but their not guilty pleas to penetrating him or doing any actual bodily harm, was accepted by the court. Whow!

Brogan Gillard, had pleaded guilty to previous child cruelty charges, as well. Photo Credit: Metro Newspaper

The women got him plastered, then stripped off his clothes and did some unspeakable things, whilst filming the ordeal. Terribly poor judgment from the girls, who seemingly were encouraged by one of them, no doubt the main instigator, Brogan Gillard, who even wanted to introduce a dangerous pair of scissors into the equation, for god knows what? We do not wish to hear the grim details.

Luckily, this sicko has now been exposed in their own video that they made and she stood there in court, along with her friends and once the scissors and reported vegetables came into the picture, anyone who had been thinking that this was your average story of “what a lucky guy?” in double standard news, this isn’t the case, at all.

Paige Cunningham. Photo Credit: Metro Newspaper

The victim did not wish to give evidence in court, and the three women will be handed down their sentences in the New Year. The three women will also have to sign up on the sex offender’s register, whilst Brogan Gillard, the obvious ring leader, has also pleaded guilty to unrelated child cruelty charges. Even her name, sounds a tiny bit evil and this news also highlights the dangers of certain young people’s fate when possibly associating with the wrong people. And, how that can have you end up in jail, just because you’re a bit stupid and impressionably idiotic, perhaps?

Shannon Jones. Photo Credit: Metro Newspaper

But, they all participated and are equally as stupid for this strange and typically unheard of incident. But, this goes both ways, in the case of men as well, consensual means ‘being awake and aware’. This man was completely unaware and he was not even awake.

Roofies or GHB apparently weren’t used this time, but this is also a terrible experience to go through and also an unforgivable way, that sicko cowards’ try with substances to engage in their sexual assaults (desires) or even rapes, for that matter. So, stay vigilant, you never know who to trust and do always keep an eye out on your drink, at all times. It’s not nice and we certainly hope that even though it was just Vodka this time, that these three women are given a just sentence for their terrible actions.


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Featured Photo Credit: Peggy_Marco – Pixabay

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