STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE (Less Force, More Rebellion)

Yesterday, it saw the worldwide release of ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ the second in the installment of the vastly popular film franchise, since Lucas Films was snapped up Disney. The excitement across the world can well and truly be felt as the force is even palpable outside up in the air, is it not? Just to wet your appetite before heading over to the cinema, to watch it in 3D or in standard projection, check out the official trailer.



It looks like another riveting and class act film by Disney’s ‘Lucas Films’ yet again and the logline for the film, is as follows:


“The Rebellion makes a risky move to steal the plans for the Death Star, setting up the epic saga to follow.”


It sure sounds like we could be in for a chronological sequel next then perhaps? Followed by a third to make it a trilogy? What do you think will happen? Please tell us in the comments section.


Written by Chris Weitz and directed by Gareth Edwards, plus starring Felicity Jones as the main protagonist, “Jyn Erso”, a Rebel-Criminal, so this is a Prequel to the original Star Wars film, but after Episode 3. We hope you concur?


This release follows the Disney Lucas Films – release of the 2015 film, the first by Disney ‘Lucas Films’, – with Star Wars: The Force Awakens (buy it here).


It can get mighty confusing with all these films, seemingly being jumbled up and not coming out in any kind of chronological order, for a very long time now, but most Star Wars fans don’t seem to care either way. As long as ‘Jar-Jar Binks’ isn’t in one of these films ever again, most fans will be placated and quite pleased with Star Wars, all over again.



Here take a look at the Behind the Scene’s Trailer and learn more about this new film.


We know that we will definitely be bringing the force with us down to the cinema over the weekend, in order to watch this latest Star Wars (buy Prequel set) flick, and on first look, it seems like it might be being well received, already?

However, let’s wait a few days until the real Star Wars (buy saga) fans that have been at it since the first movie, Part IV: The New Hope in 1977, to weigh in on this latest motion picture with their most important thoughts. This film is yet again starring so refreshingly, yet another Female protagonist, but also Forrest Whittaker, for good measure. So, you know it will be good.

 See you in the cinema, everyone!

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