Michael Sheen Is Going Political; Andy Serkis Responds

Upon the recent news of Welsh actor, Michael Sheen, announcing his loose plans for retirement from acting, to go into the far Left wing field of politics at some point in his life, to counter his own perceived “fascism” in the wake of seeing Brexit, Donald Trump and countries like France, finally being sick of political correctness gone mad. Michael Sheen had to say, what he had to say, apparently.

Yes, Michael Sheen of all people has come through with his judgments’ on recent world politics, calling it a “populist” wave of right wing nationalism, saying that he might just quit acting altogether and become a full time, deluded actor of a politician. Don’t forget that Michael Sheen has already played Tony Blair in three different productions, including in the ‘The Queen’ in 2006, even followed by ‘The Special Relationship’ in 2010, so he might just be good at that sort of thing. Impersonating Tony Blair, that famous UK prime minister who lied and led us into a war alongside George W. Bush over BLT sandwiches in Iraq (WMD’s). No doubt, Sheen’s declaration of wanting to enter into Politics might turn out to be a dangerous one for his acting career and perhaps for the rest of us as well.

Here’s Michael Sheen being Tony Blair, again. Image Credit HBO site.

But since then, less than a day after his initial statement as reported by The Daily Mail, Sheen has since backtracked and later stated that he only said it and that he didn’t have much plans to do so, unless he intends to do so, at some point in the near or far future. Just testing the left field out then, if you will, Michael?

However, there was just enough time for Actor, Andy Serkis to come out of many of his unrecognizable character roles, as the CGI motion capture “go to guy”, after playing roles such as ‘Gollum’ in ‘The Lord of The Rings’, ‘Caesar’ in ‘Planet of The Ape’s’ and ‘Captain Haddock’ in Steven Spielberg’s animated ‘Tintin’, with a message of sorts for Michael Sheen today; responding by saying that he would gladly take on the role of playing Michael Sheen in a future biopic on his life in the ‘Self-Important Film Actor’s’ genre, if he indeed enters into this path of politics and implied activism to challenge the ‘populist’ vote of slightly right aligned people. So, Michael Sheen would have to look no further as to who would play him in a film about his own life. The third act of this future biopic is already rumored to be about Michael Sheen’s expected impersonator skills for Tony Blair, perhaps envisaging him becoming leader of a new Labour party of sorts someday. As yet, the script and the story of Michael Sheen’s political career is yet to be written, it remains then, still unwritten.

The third act of Michael Sheen’s bright future pursuits in left wing lax-ism of the political world, which is of course, still yet to happen and it may not even be the case, as he said that he now wishes to backtrack, after being labeled a “left field luvvie” and a “champagne socialist”, insisting that he may not go Left and instead now might turn Right. Common sense really, right? Or not?

This was mixed news for both involved, as Serkis would no doubt love to play a role, where he wouldn’t need to appear as a greed laden troll of sorts, that’s chasing around some ring or an extremely intelligent chimp that looks really mean, an angry ape in the form of ‘Caesar’.

Andy Serkis, who also recently played the physical movements of ‘Baloo‘ the bear, in the live action ‘Jungle Book’ film, as well, released this statement,

Who will play Michael Sheen in a biopic on his life? Andy Serkis has stepped out publicly with his CV. Photo Credit: The Narrator

“It would be nice to finally get to play a real person, even though, playing Michael Sheen wouldn’t be my favorite role, it would be a welcome change from playing all these animals all the time, so if he indeed starts this new career in politics, as he did claim yesterday. Then I would really have to consider it strongly”.

Andy Serkis is a few years older than Michael Sheen, but Serkis stated, “I don’t see this as a problem with all the CGI and Hollywood make-up readily available….But, at the end of the day, he really does look like my little brother”.

Michael Sheen is together with the questionably-funny or the totally not funny, Sarah Silverman, who is no doubt, a staunch Hillary fan. Sheen said over the weekend on how it might affect his acting career,

“It means that I would work less as an actor, and possibly stop. Once I’m in, I’m fully in, and this is big. It will be a big change for how people relate to me.”

So, Sheen would presumably make a political rise out of his small town of Port Talbot, on the coast of Wales. But so far, this is only a thing that he has said and today he has also backtracked on it.

Why do that? This isn’t fair to Andy Serkis, at all. We don’t think? Do you? To come out and make such bold statements, then later to retract it less than 24 hours later is just weird. It struck us here at Brainstain as being mighty-mighty strange, indeed.

According to The Sun, a local builder from Port Talbot, Paul Thomas, 61, responded to Sheen’s view, “Sounds like he wants to stay in the EU. That’s probably because he lives so far away and it doesn’t affect him. Anyway, when he comes back where is he going to live? Probably in some massive house.”

Thomas added. “People around here have no money and can afford nothing. Their homes cost about £50,000, they’re not on Hollywood wages. So what does he know about local people?”

Pensioner Dai Williams added: “l think this is a case of looking at Port Talbot through Hollywood-tinted spectacles.”

Andy Serkis may not get to play Michael Sheen at all, it seems, where as Michael Sheen can carry on impersonating Tony Blair, for all we care.

Here’s Gollum, having a chuckle about all the recent Sheen news.

Perhaps yet again, when you have many millions of monies’ at your disposal and you are an actor, that’s most recently playing a robot humanoid bartender in ‘The Passengers”, alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, perhaps Michael Sheen should just stick to only that and maybe just “shut up?”


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Satire Disclaimer: Andy Serkis only looks a lot alike to Michael Sheen. But, we could see him playing Michael Sheen one day, who knows? (FACEPALM) Apologies to Andy Serkis, but Michael Sheen needed to be put in his place. 

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