When Britain Went Brexit: A Look Back At A Triumphant Year In British Politics in 2016

On June 23rd, the UK voted on whether to stay in the European Union (the “remain” campaign) or leave the EU (“Brexit”).

Of course, we all know the story, Brexit was triumphant and those that had begged, pleaded and used every dirty trick to remain, seemingly predicted that the repercussions of the UK leaving the E.U would result in mass apocalypse and destroy civilisation as we know it. The next day people got on with their lives and went about their daily business and the world as we know remained the same.

I like many others of the 53% that voted to leave were absolutely thrilled and ecstatic when I woke up in the early hours to discover that Britain was to say goodbye and good riddance to the E.U.

53% of hard working British people voted to leave the E.U, a dictatorship which imposed too many rules on business and charged billions of pounds a year in membership fees for little in return. And just how much was that exclusive membership fee? The UK spent an astonishing £350 million a week to be told by a bunch of non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels, what they can or cannot do and whom Britain can or cannot trade with. Ludicrous!

Photo Credit: Elionas2 -Pixabay

Normal everyday British people voted to take back full control of the UK’s borders and reduce the hordes of migrant’s swamping the streets of Britain like a Zombie outbreak from ‘The Walking Dead‘. Simply put, British people wanted their country back and on that glorious day Britain became great again.

In fact, I wrote a Facebook status that very morning etched with a permanent smile on my face:

“Today I will be basking in the tears and tantrums of all those who did not believe that Britain was brave enough to do it. Let today go down in history as our independence day. The day Britain became great again.’’

Speaking of Facebook, my ‘’friend’’ list became noticeably smaller that day. Liberal friends (and I use the term friends very loosely) that had previously claimed equality for all were not as equal with views that differed from their own and so I found myself removed and blocked just as quick as you could say ‘’leave’’.

Minus a few “remoaners” on my Facebook page, I felt patriotic on that magnificent day.  I felt powerful and for once in such a long time, I felt proud to be British, I was a proud ‘Brexiteer’. There was a sense of sovereignty and democracy in the air that day, as the tears of liberals everywhere flooded the streets of Britain like a leaky sewer, I should have worn my Wellington boots that day. I literally was stepping into liberal puddles of despair, even on Facebook.

To give credit where credit is due, you had to give props to the left wing mafia and those that campaigned hard to remain, preaching, scaremongering, spouting fear and telling pretentious lies like a group of thugs intimidating anyone they cross, who dared vote to “leave”. They called those that wanted to leave ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic’, because we all know that liberals love their labels, don’t they? They tried to belittle leavers, they screeched from the top of their lungs to try and drown out everyone else’s voice, but their own obnoxious views, they even used the death of a Labour MP to further garner their propaganda with sympathy and crocodile tears, but alas, the British spoke and the UK voted to leave the E.U, but kudos to the left for trying because they really did do their best.

And, try their best they did, and even the unfortunate and untimely death of an MP was used in the righteous crusade to battle those who dared vote to leave. How low could the left go to garner votes? We was about to find out.

Just under a week before the vote was set to open to the British public the polls showed a marked shift, with Brexit supporters gaining momentum. Then, on June 16th a British Labour MP, Jo Cox, who had urged Brits to remain, was murdered.

An eye witness of the attack claimed that he had heard the alleged killer Thomas Mair shout “Britain First” as he attacked her and reports of links to an organisation of the Extreme Right led inevitably to the suggestion that Jo, a passionate campaigner for Britain to remain in Europe, had effectively become a victim of a bitter referendum campaign and a woman murdered for her political beliefs.

Left wing journalists, publications and social media warriors soon jumped on the bandwagon with many taking the opportunity to link and compare the Leave EU campaign to ‘extremism’. Jo Cox who was a campaigner for civilians caught up in the Syrian war and immigration and was someone who before her death, was relatively unknown and who was now being portrayed as a righteous left wing “saint” with the remain campaign, earning extra brownie points and sympathy for the association with her in kind.

While the Brexit bunch, led by former major of London, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and leader of the UK Independence Party Nigel Farage, who are now portrayed as the ‘bad guy’s’, it seemed any ounce of British patriotism was now seen as ‘far right’, thanks to the tainted brush with a mentally unstable extremist.

Image Credit: IBtimes

In the aftermath of her death, Jo Cox had become a left wing ‘martyr’ and people who were still left undecided or lingering on the fence were now ‘feeling with their heart’ and ‘sympathising’ with her tragic death and voting to remain. This had of course not been helped by the remain team, who used this tragic yet convenient tragedy to their own full advantage.

In a perfectly timed Facebook post, David Cameron acknowledged the passing of the labour MP, while in the same breath urging his supporters to vote to remain, using a poor woman’s murder and wife and mother of two for political advantage, project fear was still in full force. Political machinations masquerading as sympathy, and the remain team were using excuse they could to mention ‘Jo’ and ‘Remain’ in the same sentence.

You could almost hear David Cameron and the project fear propaganda team cheering in hushed delight of the passing of Jo Cox, especially since the accused, Thomas Mair blazingly announced his name as “death to traitors, freedom for Britain” during his appearance in court where he was charged with the murder of the Labour MP.

Everything seemed so perfectly timed and so convenient, and not to accuse David Cameron and the remain team of any kind of conspiracy theory concept, but Jo Cox’s death had undeniable helped swing the momentum of team remain.

Six days after the Labour MP was killed, family, friends and many more who had never known or even heard of Jo prior to her death, came together to celebrate her life in one big publicity event and to insist that her legacy be one of love, tolerance and unity.

In a ceremony that more resembled a ‘Live 8’ concert people held lit candles and shed tears as Brendan Cox the late husband of Jo Cox, parading his two children Cuillin, five, and Lejla, three, told the weeping crowd that the killing of his wife was ‘designed to advance hatred’ but inspired love. You would expect at any moment now for Michael Jackson to pop out from behind the curtain and start singing ‘Heal the world’ while everyone holds hands in unity and form daisy chains all while chanting in sync ‘’EU we love you’’. It was a show, it was a circus and it was quite frankly an embarrassing display of patheticness and attention seeking designed to cash in on Jo’s death.

Fighting back more tears as cameras captured every tear jerking emotion, Mr Cox told the crowd that his wife’s killing had been political. Yet, despite the buckets of tears and the parading of a dead woman, 53% of the British public voted with their brain and common sense, rather than their weeping souls and bleeding heart strings.

Nigel Farage. Image Credit: Counter-Current

When the results come in and everyone soon realized Britain was in fact leaving the E.U, there was a hushed silence, you could literally hear a pin fall onto the floor, this was not the result the polls, left wing media such as the BBC had predicted or even leave campaigners had ever expected. Nigel Farage stood triumphant with a big smile etched on his face, like the hero and national treasure he was, while remainers’ stood bitter in defeat, complaining, threatening to move abroad and sprouting out angry and bitter Facebook status’s, which earned them the rather fitting name ‘remoaners’.

Thousands of remoaner protesters marched in London, calling for the UK to strengthen its ties to the continent following the Brexit vote, armed with illiterate home-made signs, legions of scruffy and unkept hipsters and social justice warriors aimed to put pressure on the government to delay activating the formal process of leaving the EU. A sea of blue EU flags filled Parliament square shortly after, where remoaners sang along badly and out of tune to The Beatles’ hit ‘Hey Jude’, replacing the title words instead with “EU”.

But,  the tears of the remoaners and liberal left elite could not stop British democracy and the chain reaction and after effects of the vote to leave. Cameron upped and left, former Home Secretary Theresa May took his place, and the process to invoke “Article 50″ and begin the procedure for leaving the EU finally began.

Well, that would have been the case, but the amount of obstacles and road blocks put in the way by remoaners has been challenging to say the very least. Remoaners are like annoying and irritating little fly’s hovering around, that simply will not go away.

4,150,260 remoaners apparently did not understand quite how British democracy works and signed a petition pleading for a 2nd EU Referendum, their request was denied.

The previous leader of the Labour Party and former Prime Minister Tony Blair crawled out of the darkened shadows and also called for a second referendum, like most things that spew out of his mouth, his request was also rightly denied.

Like an annoying tumour that would simply not disappear, the Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon with a face so displeasing it invites warranted slaps, said it was “highly likely” that Edinburgh would call a second independence referendum by 2020 if Britain left the EU single market, adding that she also wanted to explore ways of keeping Scotland in the single market, even if the rest of the UK left.

But, none of these whining sore losers could ever compare to the most utterly repulsive, selfish, self-satisfied, holier-than-thou ignorant bitch in Britain, enter Gina Miller. Miller, a former model turned entitled wife to multi-multi-millionaire fund manager, Alan Miller, claimed to be “acting to defend democracy’’ when she challenged and won against Theresa May’s right to trigger the Article 50 process, without getting the backing of Parliament in the High Court

Gina Miller. Image Credit: Express

Self-absorbed and privileged Miller along with a erm…Brazilian hairdresser Deir Dos Santos, was one of the claimant’s in the case who has argued that using the Royal Prerogative to invoke Article 50 to leave the European Union without asking MPs to approve it unconstitutional. A Brazilian Hairdresser and an ex model born in Guyana, representing the British public? Go figure!

In one of the most unconstitutional cases in generations, three unelected and bias judges ruled that the Prime Minister does not have power to use the prerogative to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to begin the UK’s exit from the European Union, without the prior authority of Parliament.

“They can use this very antiquated, secretive Royal Prerogative to bypass Parliament. You have to question how they can possibly bypass a sovereign parliament. Surely that’s what we wanted, was a sovereign Parliament? Miller said.

She continued her whining “I’m questioning whether the Government has the right to bypass Parliament and use this royal prerogative, which they are still saying that they do and that she does, and that she and a handful of ministers will be able to trigger Article 50 without any sort of legal certainty or scrutiny in Parliament.”

Miller has claimed her case has not been about delaying the decision and should not affect the timetable currently in place for triggering Article 50. Instead, she is focusing on ensuring the UK’s sovereignty is not compromised.

“However you voted on 23 June, we all owe it to our country to uphold the highest standards of transparency and democratic accountability that we are admired and respected for around the world.’’ Miller said speaking outside of the High Court, ironic considering she has publicly stated that the result of the referendum made her ‘’physically sick’’.

Physically sick is the feeling felt from the 53% of hard working British people when viewing the hideously smug face of Gina Miller. Miller who was born in Guyana claims to represent British democracy and the British people, yet it is highly unlikely that Gina and her multimillionaire hedge fund manager husband Alan Miller, will ever have to send their children to an overcrowded failing state school, where a minority of children speak English, this is the plight that everyday normal British families face on a daily basis in the multicultural ghetto’s of Britain, where British people are now a minority.

It’s very unlikely that the Miller family will have to use our overused and collapsing NHS system and it seems unlikely that they’ll have to wait years for council housing,  as priority goes to the invading hordes of boat riding non-English speaking migrants.

Speaking of which, recently we have seen an influx of ‘’children’’ migrants looking awfully older than under the age of 14, in which they claim, that or I guess puberty and facial hair begins early in many 3rd world countries?

So, where does this leave Brexit? The UK voted to leave the EU, by a margin of 51.9% to 48.1%, in a referendum in June. The Prime Minister has said that she intends to officially notify the rest of the EU of the UK’s intention to leave – beginning two years of talks over the terms of separation – using Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by the end of March.

But campaigners, led by Gina Miller and hairdresser Deir Dos Santos, insist that decision can be taken only by Parliament.

Theresa May. Image Credit: The Telegraph

But, Brexit means Brexit and the show must go on. And, that show took a favourable turn for Brexit as MPs voted by a majority of almost 400 to back Theresa May’s plan to trigger article 50 by the end of March 2017. In two votes, Labour and Conservative MPs joined forces to back a Labour motion saying the government should publish a “plan for leaving the EU” before article 50 is invoked, and a government amendment saying the government should invoke article 50 by 31st March 2017. The vote is not technically binding on the government, but it is the first time parliament has backed May’s Brexit timetable, which would lead to the UK being out of the EU by the end of March 2019 (assuming that the two-year withdrawal process does not get extended.)

And, so we begin 2017 waiting with baited breath for the outcome as the will of the people is scrutinised by Britain’s 12 Justices of the Supreme Court, who will decide on the outcome of how Brexit will unfold and which implications it will have for Theresa May’s strategy for the EU exit plan.

“We wait to hear what the Supreme Court judgement is going to be, but I’m clear that what government will be delivering and what Parliament will be delivering is on the will of the British people,” May was quoted as saying.

Will it be a hard or a soft Brexit? Will it be a hardboiled egg or scrambled, soft and runny? These are the questions that we are faced with as enter into the New Year. Brexit means Brexit and it will most definitely happen, but how it proceeds and unfolds remains to be seen. But for the 53% that voted to leave, March 2017 and the Process to leave could not come fast enough.

Story by Michael Lee

Feature Photo Credit: Elionas2 – Pixabay

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