Camila Cabello Leaves Fifth Harmony

Do you hear that whining sound? It’s the sound of millions of ‘Harmonizers’ (that’s the name of Fifth Harmony fans in case you didn’t know) little heart’s breaking into tiny pieces with the news of Camila Cabello leaving the chart topping girl band. It’s like Geri and Zane leaving the Spice Girls and One Direction all over again. Sigh.

Fifth Harmony is now four with the remaining members Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui, still committed to moving forward as a four-piece, would that make them officially ‘Fourth Harmony’ now? Kind of kills the point of continuing as Fifth Harmony, when there are now only four harmonies singing? Go figure.

After forming on the second season of the American version of The X Factor in 2012, Fifth Harmony released two full-length albums: Reflection from 2015 (which reached No. 5 on the Billboard 200) and 7/27 from earlier this year (peaking at No. 4).

Very “hussy” style, no? Camila is one of the 5 in here, middle or far right. We’re still not sure. Photo Credit: Billboard Magazine

Cabello has already enjoyed fame outside of 5H. Her duets with Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly (“I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Bad Things”, respectively) have both cracked the top 20. The writing was already on the wall for “Miss Movin’ On” Camila with her brush with solo stardom, maybe it was her pal Taylor Swift’s global worldwide success that inspired her and wanting to emulate her star power, because one harmony is better than five right?

The saddened news came in a post on the official Fifth Harmony Twitter account late on Sunday night.

“After 4 and a half years of being together, we have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony,” the message begins. “We wish her well.”

The tweet goes on to thank the group’s fans, and says, “We are excited to announce that we will be moving forward with the four of us — Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui for our fans.”

The band are set to perform at an event in New York on New Year’s Eve, which will be their first time hitting the stage without Camila.

Here’s Camila is doing her very best ‘A Night at Roxbury” impression, which we thought was very good.

And, what of Camila? Will she continue her solo success and become the Robbie Williams of the band? We sincerely, doubt it. Or, will it simply be a case of “All in My Head (Flex)”?

But, leaving the band via her representatives? Couldn’t Camila just have said that she would have, ‘’Worked from home?’’

We almost had no clue of who Fifth Harmony really were, until now that they may plausibly be known as simply ‘Fourth Harmony?  Is this the state of popular music today? It surely looks like it, if you followed the Xfactor USA.

Frankly, we’ve been in some serious tears, all day long. Shock horror!

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: Billboard Magazine

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