10 Ways The World Reacts After A Terrorist Attack

Terrorist attacks are becoming such a common occurrence within the western world that the after effects and reactions of such devastating events are just an excuse for virtue signallers to promote their humanitarian social media statues. 

Here are the 10 ways how the world predictably reacts after a terrorist attack, we care about the world, can we get a re-tweet please?

1 – Social media news-feeds will be plastered with ‘RIP’ and ‘pray for whatever country has been attacked statues.

2 – A flag Facebook profile filter (depending on the country that has been attacked) will be made available for those that want to go that extra mile and receive sympathy ‘likes’ because we all know that flirted profile photos deter would be terrorists, right?

3 – Virgil’s will be made, candles will be lit and people will huddle together to cry and pray.

4 – Rallies and marches will take place around the world signifying unity, togetherness and multiculturalism. Think ‘Live8’ with virtue signalling celebrates like Ben Affleck.

5 – Left wing media will profusely claim that said terrorist attack has definitely nothing to do with Islam what so ever. Can I stress, NOTHING to do with Islam what so ever!

6 – World leaders will urge the public not to jump to conclusions on the identity and intentions of said attackers, linking it with a lone wolf attack with mental illness, again, most certainly definitely nothing to do with Islam!

7 – Attacks are revealed to be Islamic terrorists and religious related, erm.. well, this is slightly awkward.

8 – World leaders condemn terror attack and urge everyone to not let the actions of a ‘minority’ reflect the views of the ‘majority’ because you know, Islam is the religion of peace and all that.

9- Religious leaders will come out in solidity and unity and preach we all need to love, care for one another and heal the world, while preaching from religious texts that condone the stoning of homosexuals, unity right?

10 – People will go about their daily business and a few months later will forgot about said terrorist attack. Until the next terrorist attack, in which sympathy statues will be reused, Facebook profile photos will be changed to the appropriate country and world leaders will repeat the same generic lines they previously repeated a month ago.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: RT

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