How Tinder & Communism Coined A Helpless Dating Fixation

“As long as you feed the machine it rewards you. The workman. He has become an appendage of the machine,”  – Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

It started as a harmless pass time. A whimsical dance through the possibilities of love. At least that what it seemed like to my obvious undeveloped and unsuspecting brain at the time. We’re talking about Tinder not the Communist manifesto, so through unpopular opinion, I expect a lot of people to switch off already, but I ask for the good of humanity to keep going. Just remember “Verbal” Kint seemed perfectly innocent, before limping away as Keyser Söze.

Your reckless thumb is merely adhering to a primitive and unquenchable thirst. It’s absolutely disgusting but we’re all the same disappointing ape people, so lets not judge, right? Tinder is a strange commodity indeed, a sh*t storm of random profile pictures.

This is the key word here, commodity, right? In my personal experience, I have had to deal with a number of suicide inducing and an overbearing string of utterly soul killing dates, so far. It’s a lot harder to see the cold hard truth when your eye is pressed up against the microscope, isn’t? Never fear, however, because “Communism” is here to give you the answers you’ll need to know why Tinder is destroying face-to-face chemistry all across the world.  Especially, in the so called western world, swipe away sheeple.

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Let me tell you now that, that window shopping for love is not the cure to your fleeting un-happiness.

So you might be looking for more to fulfil yourself with more than just a cheese board, so, I decided that reading would help me to get a grasp on my pointless essence either way. It just so happens that the “Communist” manifesto was lying around my house all along. Also, it’s short enough to read in one sitting for some instant intellectual gratification, right? Between these pages, all the way back from 1848, (and you call Madonna old), I found the secret code to break from my dating matrix, yes, the answers to my dating despairs.

So, if you are unsure the “Communist” manifesto is a political pamphlet outlining the “Communist” policies. It mostly reacts to being antagonised by the bourgeoisie from the point of view of working class groups at the time. ‘Fight the man!’ ‘Down with the bourgeoisie”. We’ve all seen the news, its everywhere, even in Obama and Trudeau lightly praising Fidel Castro in just some recent news.

So, with that, lets begin, shall we? We can compare our fragile ego built up on Tinder profiles to disposable products in a capitalist society. Feeding a system that does not allow for private property, but only the guarantee of more capital strips us of any acute sense of individualism. Tinder, like McDonald’s doesn’t really offer up any quality or solution to the dating game, does it? Both are vacuous and just don’t sustain you in any way shape or form. Sure the ‘products’ may look good in advertisement photos and maybe tastes great in the short term, but the merry go round of perpetual and no doubt truly unsatisfying experiences does always continue. Like, a swipe to the left, or is it right?

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Thinking about it now, the grinning down loon that we call ‘Ronald McDonald‘ seems a more charismatic and complex character than the hive mind that are inside the Tinder community. What we’re trying to say is that please always take our personality away and then we are left with nothing but a popularity contest and social power of excessive “wanking”.

A commodity can only ever be something thrown away like the Wii console. Imagine trying to date the Wii, what a sorry sight that would be, just motion, but no motion in the ocean. The Wii is a product owned with half a shelf life that should probably not ever be compared to let’s say a “human”.  A human displayed as such, can only ever be consumed in the same way, a toss of the wrist, a strong Andy Murray forearm, correct?

This ends up becoming a sort of indirect red light district of hopeful punters, unaware they are all the victims of the same communist style dating site of epic proportions, of those same-same random profiles. Super like that! Right?

You might get a response, unless, it’s your best friends girlfriend. Cheeky times!

We start to rely on this app, since we are  insisting on a flawed method of pairing everything that holds superficial interest’s, as the one and only key to connectivity in present times. Preying on the disposable capital like the society we’re currently in, praying on that Super Like, yes, Tinder really makes us suffer through the pretence of its shallow wake, correct?

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The saddest part of all is the true danger, which is fuelled by idiots, when we breed yet more idiots. The fundamental issue is the lack of understanding and how dangerous these BFG like steps in evolution can mean to our future of social progression. We will end up like Japan, with sex dolls and bukkake pornography, perhaps? Let’s call Silicon Valley up and then ask them what this is really all about, shall we?

Of course, there is a lack of understanding when we are more focused on the ever distracting meme culture than the less important future of our own real life culture. Even, if you believe that Tinder is just another online dating method that you could be contributing to in humanities disconnection to “traditional” love, you still know that the kind of love that rings wedding bells at 19, kids by 22 and divorce at 40, is not found on Tinder.  You have to start at level 1 for this, and then work your way up the ladder of society’s questionable set-up.

Subconsciously, we are all susceptible to the odd swipe, aren’t we? Our brains have quickly had to evolve to this exposure of an unholy amount of faces we would never see in a lifetime without the internet in the first place. Is this just a game?

According to Robin Dunbar a leader in all things human, we have been proven to only cope with 130-150 friends at any one time. You can surpass that number of faces alone in a sitting with Tinder alone.

The expansion of the internet has in two decades, allowed us to ‘break the boundaries’ of real social interaction . This overload of information hasn’t been prevalent for long enough to know how it will affect our functioning long term ties. Before we know it our bodies will adapt to our environment, this is no secret as we see in evolution. But, what happens when our environment speeds up at an accelerated rate with the dire numbness of real app dating?

If social media is anything to go by, depression would most likely be the answer here.

Losing our ability to communicate without the consumption of technology. This is where the real danger lays, over and over again. Science fiction has long been warning us of this inevitable conclusion. The all too familiar sight of ducked heads gazing dead into their extended limbs is already haunting enough to start with.

Don’t even get me started on the dread of the VR technology, Google glasses and voice controlled items, like Siri. This recent phenomenon is something that we are too well a subjective slave to.

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We’re finding ourselves consciously trying not to rely on a phone in the presence of others. Anxiety usually has one leaping for the screen at any given silence. Often the strangest part about this behaviour is that you can find yourself on your phone with no recollection of how long you’ve been there or what you may have been consuming. Blacking out, if you will, should not however, be a symptom of phone use.

So okay, lets say you’re talking to a swell gal on Tinder. She’s super into vague band T-Shirts, Bill Hader and Nutella, so cool, right? Both of you want to meet up, great! You’re on your way to the date and all of a sudden you get this sinking feeling. The walls of dread are slowly pressing closer and closer as you try to choke out something real to say to this person, but for the love of God, just nothing about your Mother, your unable to breath all of a sudden!

Don’t worry this is the Tinder way. Remember, you haven’t met this person organically, just from the best photo of circa ten years ago. This is essentially a business meeting on the assumption of either romantic or sexual involvement, well, let’s hope so, at least? That’s a lot of social pressure and yes, it truly hijacks any real sense of what you as a flesh of sacks are truly like, day-by-day.

We should of course be looking for a means to elevate each other mutually in relationships, shouldn’t we? Instead of this odd contest of wits and attraction based on major “BS”, at the end of the day.

How about just two people getting together to enrich each other’s already “tired” existence? Love is unsure and has a breathing space for imperfect perfections, like a bloody case of domestic violence if you’re smacked in the face by some failed romantic psychopath.

Abolishing these things that always rule our insecurities, is still the direction to inherent happiness, after all. This is the contradictory nature of communist politics and how it relates to our Tinder crisis.

So, that is how the “Communist” manifesto became a leaflet for change in my life. I once and for all threw it in the trash like I had emotionally to all those other trapped dates.  I have not solved the North Korean, Chinese or Cuban economy but it’s about the small victories, right? We don’t need to see others as just products, slave labour or cheaply made fast food like Mickey D’s. Disconnecting values at the expense of disposing human beings, will merely transform us into instruments rather than cohesive individuals of growth.

“Only the bourgeoisie forged the weapons that bring death to itself” –  Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels.


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