What Happens When You Win Bigly At The Casino?

Casinos, you either love them or you hate them, or you’ve finally realized that sometimes you win, but other times, you will most definitely lose something. That’s a cold-as* guarantee that keeps the casinos in mighty fine business. So, it’s better to win, right? Yes! So, that might mean that you’ve just scooped your first jackpot on your favorite slot machine, with free spins galore or maybe you’re having the devil’s happy luck-run at the blackjack table, because you’re just winning and smirking at the dealer, while same suit cards and everything adds up to close enough to 21, to keep stacking your chips up with those handy pairs and flushes.

Funnily enough, for esteemed beginners this happens a lot at blackjack tables, it’s almost as if the “Blackjack Satan” is reeling you in with his pitchfork. Bwahahaha! But, will you double down on 11? (watch here)

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So, you might leave with a nice sum of money, once or twice, or you’ve learned a system and you have that good night continuously based on pure skill? Or will you finally realize that this isn’t going to be your night, after all?

Or you could, if you’re really a sadistic person, you can play roulette and watch your money go up and down all night, until you leave a winner or you finally decided to play it all away. “F*ck it!” It’s my playing limit anyway. Interestingly enough, the sum of the numbers on the roulette wheel adds up to 666. Rumor has it or more like fact has it, that the inventor Blaise Pascal, a French Physicist, inventor and mathematician, drove himself mad trying to beat the wheel and eventually committed suicide. Well then, but in essence it’s still amazingly one of the least dangerous games to play in the casino, unless you have a death wish. Then you’ll definitely lose in the end.

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For the more collected people, they’ll sit at the live video roulette screen, avoid the crowd at the table and sit with a drink there. It’s better that way, and then you’ll sit and pray inconspicuously to Satan over and over, hoping that your numbers keep coming up. Interestingly enough, this works as you begin seeing patterns of where the ball falls. But, never expect to win big here, that’s not the way the wheel works. Unless you wish to go completely broke! So, it’s a bit of that up and down motion all night long, like a working girl in a Las Vegas resort casino. We meant in the elevator, of course! How rude! You have a dirty mind.

But, let’s get to the main topic, what happens when you win “bigly”? Well, if recent casino stories are anything to go by; then seemingly if you win too much, then you might have your winnings revoked all together. Such has been the case in two stories  this passed year alone, from the East Coast of the U.S.A.

The first one is a shocker, from Jamaica, Queens, New York at Resorts World Casino, where Katrina Bookman hit a massive jackpot on a slot machine to the tune of $43million. Yes, it does sound a little unrealistic, but it happened and she took the selfie to prove it. However, did she really win $43 million? The casino said no and said it was a machine malfunction. Really? What gives? If I were Katrina I would be pretty pissed off, since all she was given was a free steak dinner. Think about that for a second….Malfunction or not, this is a story that’s unfair enough for you to willingly pull out all your hair in despair. Have a closer look at this story here.   Reportedly, she is suing the Resorts World Casino, wouldn’t you?

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The max payout was $6,500 and the very least that they could have done was to give her that money, don’t you think? But, they didn’t do that either. Additionally, who knew about Casinos in Jamaica, Queens, New York? Not us, that’s for sure. We thought they mostly had them in Las Vegas, Reno and on Indian Reservations and also in Atlantic City.

Which brings us to our next story in Atlantic City, professional poker player Phil Ivey, has just been ordered by the courts to pay back $10.1million to the Borgata in Atlantic City. The casino claimed that Ivey and his accomplice, Cheng Yin Sun, used and exploited a defect in cards that enabled them to sort and arrange good cards, instead of bad ones in the game of Baccarat. Apparently, the dealer was able to highlight to them, which cards were coming next. We have no experience in Baccarat, but it seems like a lot of money to win before a Casino would suspect any foul play in the first place. Learn more about this unique story here.

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Was it skill, was it lady luck or just complete cheating? Or was it just a case of a sour faced casino, after someone had just won extremely bigly?!

The court didn’t think so and Phil Ivey is contesting the court’s charge of making him pay back the money. He will appeal the court’s decision in due time.

Our question is, who has enough money to play to win $10.1 million in the first place? Ivey must have had a truly large playing limit at his disposal.

Casinos can be fun, until they lose their appeal completely. If you’re still having fun, then that’s good. When you’re losing it isn’t much fun at all. But, just don’t do what Blaise Pascal did, which was to lose everything and then kill himself.


May the luck be with you?

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