The 10 Best Things About Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, so we wanted to share our points on the ‘Best Things About Christmas’.


  • The Christmas Stocking. It’s a lovely stocking filler, usually a gift, given in the morning to appease the children from opening all the other presents until a bit later on in the day or in the evening. Depending on how you celebrate your Christmas, this happens on the 24th or morning of the 25th of December.


  • The Mistletoe. A lovely excuse for a kiss with your loved one, under the mistletoe branch. A tradition originating from the Greek festival of Saturnalia, apparently. So go on, share a kiss with your loved one. How sweet is that!


Where’s my kiss? PhotoCredit: Kapa65 – Pixabay


  • Snow or Sun & Palm Trees. Nothing says Christmas like some snow, but depending on the weather and your geographic location, this might not even happen. So, will Santa show up in the Bahamas? He still will, but he will be wearing swim shorts and arrive by Jet ski, not on a sleigh with Rain Deer. It’s way too hot for that. But in Australia, he is said to arrive via surfboard.


  • Days off Work. Yes, everyone loves and deserves these days off work. Yes, you too have earned this time to unwind and perhaps even drink some Eggnog. Why not?


  • Mulled Wine. Yes, when there’s no Eggnog, perhaps some Mulled Wine will do? Nothing says Christmas time quite like this warm beverage, with its lovely aroma, that will surely make you feel all warm and cozy inside.


  • Ridiculously Ugly Xmas Sweaters. Nothing says Christmas spirit like a hideously tacky Christmas Sweater. Whether it has Rudolph on it or just Santa himself, you can be proud to look like a complete moron over Christmas time.


Is that uncle Steve in a disguise? Photo Credit: KarenWarfel – Pixabay


  • Making a Family member, Cousin or neighbor be Santa Clause. What priceless fun it is to make a family member, cousin or perhaps even your alcoholic neighbor be Santa Clause this year for the kids. We all remember those times when Santa came knocking at the door, back when we were children. After all, what wouldn’t you do for your children?


  • Dressing the Tree. Decorate the tree as a family and make it look pretty. Throw on that glitter and the Christmas balls and even that star on the top. Now, you get that Christmas vibe coming at you in waves of glory.


  • Presents Under the Tree. This is the time for giving, so what better way to do that than with presents. Put them under the tree and then give them out, which is followed by genuine thanks and appreciation all around. Spreading that Christmas love. Aaahhhh, it’s nice to give, even if some gifts will be returned. D’oh! Wrong gift!


Were you naughty or nice this year? Hmm? Photo Credit: Jill111 – Pixabay


  • Spending Time With Family. This is what Christmas is all about, spending those unforgettable moments with your family, friends and loved one’s. Sharing and making memories and forming bonds in a family unit.  You might play cards, listen to some Bing Crosby and do some toasting or whatever you enjoy doing. What matters is spread the love and enjoying your festivities. Remember to appreciate your family and to enjoy this special time of year.


Merry Christmas to everyone and may the Xmas spirit be with you. What things did we miss out on in our list? Please leave a comment in the section below. Happy Holidays.


<Greetings from The Narrator>

Featured Photo Credit: SteveWebb1 – Pixabay

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