Drake and J.Lo are United: Drake, We Don’t Believe You!

With so much important news dominating the landscape right now, we thought we would cover something equally as important? Apparently, in what almost looks like a blatant publicity stunt, Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Drake, 30, have taken a photo together on J.Lo’s Instagram account. Supposedly, this now means that they are an item. This has reportedly been followed with an “unfollow” from Rihanna on Drake’s Instagram account. We told you that this was important news.

J.Lo has definitely found the fountain of youth, but she also survived the ramifications of that song “Booty”, which was very impressive to say the very least. How does that song go down, so well? It must be her booty we suppose, because it surely can’t be that sound?

Snuggle soft, ya’ know? Credit: ifunny.co

Here you can watch J.Lo not taking herself very seriously alongside James Corden in Carpool Karaoke. So, you know that she’s actually a super cool woman. And, at the very end, she’s engaging in some cheeky text messaging with Leonardo Di Caprio at 10:00mins in, due to priceless Corden antics! He’s an entertainment great!

Classic material! So, why is she with Drake now? We can understand that he will most definitely always be in that friend zone, right? Perhaps, they are sharing some girly gossip and some hugs, watching ‘Sex and The City’ re-runs with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? As you never “f**k down”, you’re supposed to “f**k up”. You can’t go from 2Pac to Drake, right? So, in essence “Jenny from the block” will have had a tough time ever pinnacling that earlier fete.



People need to stop believing in fake news. Drake is probably a super guy, but that’s more than we could say about his music. Just one of his songs is enough to drive you to the brink of sanity and god forbid you have to see him dance around like somebody performing in front of a mirror with a hairbrush, with those super questionable dance moves! Check it out!

Perhaps, they could allow music to become “great again”? After Bill Clinton’s presidency, when they passed that radio act in early 1997, which then saw Puff Daddy rise to become a music artist, whilst, all good music was seemingly vanishing from the radio. So, we fear it’s already way too late, as the new generation truly think that “fake” is good and that “real” is fake.

Image Credit: shopbetches/Instagram

Ah, the paradox in which they grew up in to believe that music from Drake is actually any good at all. It’s still unbelievable to us!

We’re not subscribing to this idea of Drake and J.Lo being an item, at all either.

However J.Lo, despite being able to shake her booty has shown that she can record good music and she can even star in some viciously funny, yet easy to watch and entertainingly crappy films, such as this gem, right here. “See you at school”.

We laughed through most of it. But, she did also steal the show in films like ‘Selena’ and also in ‘U-Turn’ alongside Sean Penn.

She’s truly a woman of many talents and as for Drake, we’re still trying to understand his appeal. Can anyone please state what Drake’s appeal is, music wise? As his voice isn’t anything that we can understand with that monotone and repetitive whiney sound that people seem to love so dearly. Please enjoy this one, you could truly cover this song in any way that you wish.


A big shout out to J.Lo, though!

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Featured Photo: J.Lo Instagram

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