Leave 2016 Alone And Stop Blaming It For Everything

‘’F*ck you 2016’’

‘’2016, you are unforgiven’’

‘’I hate you 2016’’

‘’Can’t 2016 be over already?’’

Poor 2016, it has been the brutal scapegoat for everyone’s misery, depression, disappointments, despair and the reason why their favourite celebrity or musician tragically died.

With the dying days (quite literally) of 2016 coming to an end, many people seemingly will be happy to see the back of it.

But, can a year really be held responsible for the demise of an entire war-torn civilisation or is it purely just coincidence that an aging rock star that lived a hectic fast paced life of sex, drugs and rock and roll, dying at the age of 70 in 2016?

Is it superstitious fatalistic inevitability that 2016 was going to bring you such horrendous pain, suffering and heartbreak? Or maybe because, you know, your human and humans go through many life changing events and occurrences every day that involve numerous emotions and mental states and the fact that unfortunate mishaps occurred in 2016 is just.. well, life!

Well first things first, let’s address the most obvious fact here. A year does not kill people; people die because people simply just die of many different causes. Drugs and Alcohol overdose, illness (Cancer, Aids and Diabetes etc.) suicide, victim of murder or simply just old age. Many facts, situations or heath related issues contribute to the passing of one’s life; the significance of a year does not.

A year does not predetermine the timing or cause of a person’s death, and any logical, educated and intelligent person would know this. So, stop blaming 2016 for everything!

Is this how some people will always remember 2016? Image Credit:tusk2

It wasn’t 2016’s fault that David Bowie died. Death happens and is part of the cycle of life, plus he was 69 and had liver cancer, a terrible life threatening illness.

It wasn’t 2016’s fault that Britain voted to leave the UK. Over 53% of British people voted to leave because they wanted to regain their diminished national sovereignty and free themselves from the shackles of Brussels bureaucrats and hordes of benefit claiming migrants.

It wasn’t 2016’s fault that Donald Trump won the American election, the American people voted for Trump to make America great again and many are actually pretty excited for Trump. He’s going to destroy ISIS, build a great wall around the Mexican border, appoint better justices, and negotiate better federal contracts (he already has, so 2016 can’t be that bad right?).

It wasn’t 2016’s fault that Prince, Muhammad Ali, George Michael, Victoria Wood, Gene Wilder, Pete Burns, David Gest, Carrie Fisher, Ronnie Corbett, Sir Terry Wogan, Alan Rickman and many many others died.

And, it wasn’t 2016’s fault that your existence was a miserable cesspool of incompetence and worthiness, maybe the fact that you got dumped by your significant other or find yourself alone and single on the eve of 2016 is simply because you are pathetic?

So, before you blame 2016 for your own short comings and the passing of your beloved pop icon and think that 2017 is going to bring you love, luck and prosperity and that death will spare your favourite childhood 80’s actor, maybe just realise that shit happens, life sucks and then you die.

2016, you can hold your head up high, take a bow and make a gracious exit, you have been an eventful year to say the very least.


Story by Michael Lee

Featured Image Credit: Geralt – Pixabay

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