Rounda Rousey Takes A Fast Beating from Nunes

At UFC 207, Friday night in Las Vegas, it was the former Bantamweight champion Rounda Rousey’s chance at a return to fighting, after suffering a humbling kick to the face by Holy Holm, 13 months ago inside the Octagon. This time she was up against current Bantam Champion Amanda Nunes, from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, and one thing was absolutely clear from just watching the weigh in, which was that Ronda Rousey didn’t stand a chance.

That Holly Holm kick.

The fight lasted only 48 seconds of the first round, as we saw what we had expected would happen in the very first place, Rousey ultimately succumbing to various strikes to the face in quick succession from Nunes, relentlessly striking her until the referee stopped the fight.

The meteoric rise to UFC female super stardom for Ronda Rousey with various wins followed by various sponsorship deals, in the beginning to her career, winning 11 in a row before Holly Holm showed how she was beatable in her first loss ever, with a left kick to the right cranium. That was a wake up call for Ronda! Who had started to get a little cocky prior to that incident.

13 months later, a fighter like Rousey who had won most of her previous fights by using her body weight and in turn usually winning by submission, seemingly cannot take somebody going gung-ho towards her with repeated strikes. What did Nunes do? She did just that, attacking Rousey from the start and taking the Holm fight as a precedent that Rousey cannot handle being hit, as Nunes went in for the kill.

A photo speaks a thousand words right here. Like a lamb to the slaughter. Image Credit:TheMacLife

Mercilessly, Amanda Nunes on the back of thoroughly beating Miesha Tate back in July, did exactly what the doctor ordered and proceeded to finish her off in almost record time. Go for the jugular and just attack and strike her in the face. She suffered some really devastating and shell-shocking strikes to the head and after the first few punches landed, Rousey was a dizzy mess as Nunes, rocked and socked Rousey to a quick bloody pulp with Referee Herb Dean needing to come in and stop the fight before the beating became more dangerous.

So, what now for Rousey? Will she stay and fight? Learn how to block and punch, or will she call it a day?

It is clear that Rousey isn’t built for the kill anymore and all other fighter’s know her weakness by now, since the Holly Holm demolition and it was further re-affirmed by this Amanda Nunes beating.

Here courtesy of MMA World on Instagram, you can watch the devastating punches on Rousey from Nunes.


You could even tell at the weigh in, where Rousey refused to even pose for pictures and you saw in Nunes’s eyes, that this fight would be finished by strikes to the face and that there was only ever going to be one winner. That was “Forca Brasiliera” Amanda Nunes, with Mike Tyson like punch accuracy right to the face. A beating like this will take time to recover from, both mentally and physically, yet again.

We wouldn’t like to fight Ronda, but with more and more tough women showing up on the scene, there’s some strong competition out there and so far it’s two losses in a row for Rousey.

Depending on how many millions are in her bank account already, then she may just retire?

So, will Rousey retire now or will she stay and fight on? Let us know in your comments. We think that this is truly the end for Rousey.


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