What J.Lo and Drake did on New Years Day

So, there’s still a lot of speculation on Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s new relationship, with many asking if it is really “real”? If so, how long will it last? However, it’s seemingly getting more real by the day, after they were seen on New Years day at the MGM Grand Casino, playing blackjack.

“A couple that plays together, stays together”, you know how that old saying goes.

The night before J.Lo watched Drake perform on New Years Eve at the MGM, so naturally you would want to hit the high roller VIP tables for some fun and thrills on your way out. Jennifer Lopez called the shots at the table and we would expect no less, as she truly is a “player”.

Perhaps, she is enjoying the company of Drake, seventeen years her junior, because she is a  “m.i.l.f”, “puma” and “cougar” all rolled into one. Meow!

She looked mighty fine as always and Drake seemingly has hit the jackpot here, if he can actually sustain keeping Jennifer Lopez all to himself. Somehow Drake is looking like her new toy boy of the moment, but they could just be buddies, or? Perhaps, she could also help evolve his musical style and teach him how to not make music be, so terrible?

They look loved up, let’s hope they nail this next musical collaboration. Love is in the air, no doubt.. Photo Credit: Mirror.co.uk

We are sort of tired of how people think that Drake’s music is great. Reportedly, they are going to hit the studio together and they will be making some new music. Somehow we saw this one coming, all along. We can hear major bank roll coming in with that collaboration. Ka-ching! Let’s hope it’s some good tunes.

Perhaps, J. Lo can get back to making music great again. She definitely has the talent to do just that. It would be nice if popular music would go back to having some substance, any type of substance at all, if at all, possible. It’s seems like too many years have been wasted in making music that’s awful and terribly unappreciated, because it’s completely vacuous at the core.

Some would argue that Drake has greatly contributed to that notion of terrible music. However, that song “Booty” is another howler and so we sincerely wish there was some good music on the horizon and coming back on the music agenda. Let’s hope that we can see some real change in the music industry in the near future.

Where’s Jenny from the block? Let’s have a shift in the music industry, it’s not fair on the new generation to give them horrible music. They grow up thinking that, “fake is good and good is fake”.

Let’s be real here and could they please give some artists back some of that creative control in the mainstream? Before people stop listening to popular music, all together. At least J.Lo and Drake seem to have a couple of things in common. We wish them the best and love truly conquers all.

Make music great again, you’d be surprised at who might actually like some good music for once. People might even go out and buy it, rather than listen to it on Youtube solely for the video content. So, let’s hope for that.


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Featured Photo Credit: TMZ

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