Mark Zuckerberg to Travel the USA in 2017

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he will go on a tour in 2017 and visit every state in America, with some people speculating that he is going to move into politics one day. So far, that is only speculation though, but we understand why he wants to visit the breadth of the nation. It is good to explore every state and to interact with all the people in such a vast country. It’s almost like 50 countries all living under one roof, since there has also been a major change in perceptions, amidst the election of Donald Trump.

Clearly this is another good move by Mark Zuckerberg and he stated that the US are in a major “turning point in history”. We couldn’t agree with him more. In previous years, apart from running the best social media site on the planet, Facebook, plus his many philanthropist’s work with the Zuckerberg Chan Initiative to name one, amongst others, he has run 365 miles, learnt Mandarin, then in 2016, he built an artificial intelligence (AI) butler. Very “cool” indeed, we love new technology.

He stated in writing, “My personal challenge for 2017 is to have visited and met people in every state in the US by the end of the year. I’ve spent significant time in many states already, so I’ll need to travel to about 30 states this year to complete this challenge. After a tumultuous last year, my hope for this challenge is to get out and talk to more people about how they’re living, working and thinking about the future”.

Remember Jarvis from Ironman, Facebook have rolled out a new AI inspired on the interface. Image Credit: Ironman/Marvel Film

In the vein of a New Years resolution, he intends to gather knowledge on his travels across America. On this journey, he is believed to be on the look out on how to make Facebook work even better than it already does. CNBC has claimed that Zuckerberg has sought to be allowed to move into government without losing control of Facebook, according to court filings by Bloomberg.

Being at this turning point in history, as much as Facebook was a major turning point in history, in our own opinion, Mark Zuckerberg said, “For decades, technology and globalization have made us more productive and connected”.

We couldn’t agree more, as remembering life before Facebook, it was a lot less exciting. Finally, you could re-connect with all your old friends and have everyone within reach at your very fingertips. We are saddened though that ‘Poking’ has since gone out of style. We have spent countless hours enjoying all that Facebook provides, since circa 2007, and it truly keeps people coming back for more, as we all know. Let’s hope Facebook keeps ever growing and still being a platform for sharing and caring.

Mark revealed further on globalisation, social media and technology, “This has created many benefits, but for a lot of people it has also made life more challenging. This has contributed to a greater sense of division than I have felt in my lifetime. We need to find a way to change the game so it works for everyone”.

This sounds promising and very exciting that he keeps on evolving with new ideas and making changes to make life better for all of humanity.  Last year, he revealed that he had created an AI based on Tony Stark’s Ironman ‘JARVIS’ intelligence system, minus the robot suit, which is also voiced by Morgan Freeman. Nice! This ‘AI’ can do a whole bunch of stuff. In case you missed it, watch it here below.


This is truly the most exciting time to be alive. The name JARVIS stands for ‘Just A Rather Very Intelligent System’.


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