Ariana Grande stars in ‘Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’

Famous pop star Ariana Grande has been described in many ways – talented, a diva, and most notably, that chick who used to play ‘Cat Valentine’ in ‘Victorious‘.

However, it was recently announced that Ariana will have a character based on herself in ‘Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius’, a mobile game released last year. Her character’s name will be ‘Dangerous Woman’.

Ariana took to Twitter and Instagram to express her excitement about her appearance in the game. Ariana commented that “It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life and I’m so excited and in love with it. I cannot contain myself”.

Fans also got a sneak peak of her character model, which shares a similar appearance to the singer, including her trademark bunny ears. Well, bunny ears aren’t something considered trademark, but you get the picture.

Ariana as ‘Dangerous Woman’ here. Cute or dangerous? Photo Credit: Ariana Grande Instagram

Most ‘Final Fantasy’ fans are just as excited about her appearance in the game. However, there are some that aren’t so keen on the idea. While the majority of responses have been positive, there has been the odd negative comment here and there, ranging from a subtle “I feel her character is going to be useless” to a raging “GO AWAY FROM FINAL FANTASY”. A few even believe that her character is going to “ruin” the series.

But, let’s be real for a moment here. If you feel like your favourite game or TV show or whatever else is ruined by a single character, then can you really call yourself a fan in the first place? Yes, in some cases, certain characters can make a negative impact, but that’s only when they play a big part in the game.

But, I fail to see how a single character in a mobile game is going to ruin ‘Final Fantasy’ for anyone? Also, remember that she’s only going to be in the mobile spin-off, so she won’t be anywhere near your precious ‘Xbox One‘ or ‘Playstation 4‘ anytime soon, I can tell you.

Photo Credit: Ariana Grande Instagram

Also, remember that you shouldn’t let one mere character ruin a series that you love. Just play with the characters you like and that’ll be it. There’s no use in making a big fuss over something that’s really not a big deal.

Seriously, stop moaning and just enjoy ‘Final Fantasy’ how you’ve always enjoyed it before. I doubt Ariana Grande is going to take over the game completely, so take a step back and chill out. Relax.

As her appearance in the game has not yet been released, who knows what ‘Dangerous Woman’ will be like? Maybe, it’ll be a great addition, or it may be awful. No one knows, and that’s the exciting part of it. Give her a chance, at least.


We like a bit of Ariana Grande here. Get a guide to Exvius here.

<Story by Emily Clark>

Featured Photo Credit: ArianaGrande Instagram

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