Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes: When Will They Be Allowed To Go Public?

In the most secret of known celebrity relationships, actor and singer Jamie Foxx and actress Katie Holmes are a huge grey area, but they were spotted secretively taking in the New Year in Miami, Florida, at Soho House, according to US Weekly. Seemingly now, they have been dating for three years without ever going public, or ever being pictured together officially. Is it all just to still placate the Church of Scientology and or to be courteous to world famous actor and ex-husband, Tom Cruise? As we all know, Tom Cruise is the former husband of Katie Holmes and they had a beautiful daughter together, named ‘Suri’. Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise were quite good friends at one point, starring together in the film, ‘Collateral‘ (2004), which featured two stellar performances from the both of them.

Collateral (2004) Image Credit: NextProjection,

Then in 2005, Tom Cruise started dating Katie Holmes mostly known for her role on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ around that time, they quickly got engaged and she began studying Scientology, although she was raised a Catholic. They later married on November 18th, 2006, in a Scientology ceremony in Bracciano, Italy and Tom was very excited by the whole prospect of the Katie Holmes union, as we can remember him jumping up and down on a sofa, on ‘The Oprah Winfrey’ show. That scene of excitement became so famous that ‘Scary Movie 4’ parodied the whole incident in their parody film, watch it right here.

I mean, why can’t somebody be excited to find the right one, we know we have all had that feeling when you find that one, special someone. You’re proud, you’re excited and you can’t contain your love and happiness. Everything is amazing! You want to jump up and down on a sofa. Many of us have been there, the feeling of butterflies, you want to share that love and excitement with your friends or in this case, with all your fans. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

‘Scary Movie 4’ just picked up on it and they thought it was a little over the top, but we sort of have to side with Tom Cruise here. Although, there’s also nothing wrong with this scene from ‘Scary Movie 4‘. Katie Holmes and Tom were a perfect fit, named “TomKat”, but unfortunately as it happens in many relationships, sometimes they just do not work out.

So, the marriage didn’t last and divorce papers were finalised on July 9th, 2012, and since then Tom has been working non-stop, focusing on his ever-growing film career, releasing film after film. So busy in fact, that he has reportedly not had the time to see much of his daughter, Suri, at all, during the last few years.

But, what we are beginning to wonder is when Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes can be allowed to stop hiding their rumored relationship? Perhaps, it is better to have some privacy away from the paparazzi and maybe it’s that which is really happening?

Jamie was seen taking in the New Year with David Haye, Chris Eubank Jr. and Jeremy Piven, watching Ronda Rousey get knocked the “F” out by Amanda Nunes, watch that reaction right here.

Prior to that, Jamie Foxx was also spotted with his daughter Corinne, who also joined for the Miami trip, but after the all guy’s night of watching the UFC bout, somewhere hidden, just in time for the New Year’s countdown, someplace else, was Katie Holmes and Jamie was able to join her at some point.

Jamie and Katie have done an impeccable and respectful job in keeping their relationship private, away from prying eyes and this alone should earn them an award or even medal of some kind, don’t you think?

Tom is reportedly very aware of their relationship, as well.

So, the biggest award they could be given is the medal of “freedom”, right? So, that they could openly share their love without having to hide as much, without having to worry or care about the things that happened in the past, so many years ago now, that did not concern both of them, or any of them, whatsoever. It doesn’t seem fair that Katie Holmes has to be hidden like some kind of passed midnight, “Booty Call“, does it? Obviously, that was a joke, but you get what we are saying here, right? Is somebody holding some Collateral, here?

This may be just the one photo of them that exists, taken in 2013 on a stage, behind artists in the East Hampton’s. They could only just be friends here. Image Credit: E! Online

Past is passed, new years, new journey and although it is good to keep things private, just how long will this go on for? We suppose they have to abide by some secret rule of engagement in hiding this relationship forever.

At times, it must be frustrating for them to continually hide from paparazzi and such, making a secret covert operation out of every time that they want to meet up. It’s like playing hide and seek, but there’s a whole bunch of potential vultures like the paparazzi out to get you. However, it seems like either they are able to be so covert about their hidden relationship, almost if they are two Navy Seals arriving on the dark shores of some forbidden land, or is it because some mysterious force has even gone as far as to banning the paparazzi in taking any photos of them. Whichever one it is, it’s surely is quite a nuisance of an operation. It must be by now.

Either way, it’s good to see them together and if they are together, as they truly are, then why can’t they be allowed to show it, even just a little bit? That is the question here, how long and how much respect and honor must they show, over a thing, which has nothing to do with them, that’s already long over and has since passed a very long time ago?

Just some thoughts here and it’s both noble and respectful already, it’s not your fault that you two, love each other. Spread the love, so will Jamie and Katie ever be allowed to share a normal celebrity relationship? Perhaps in fact, this relationship might work much better if it continues to be hidden. Or maybe, we are all wrong and they are not together, at all? But, that does not coincide with the numerous sightings over the years, as even the recent Soho House New Years Eve sighting till long after midnight in Miami shows, where Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes shared a wonderful evening. Sources at the private members club, reportedly said, “They are very close”.

Can they ever let Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx be together without having to hide all the time? Perhaps, that is a nice gift for them to receive by now, in the year of 2017? We hope this helps in some way, we are all people and we think it’s passed the three-year mark of common courtesy.  But, what do we know?


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