What Does The Future Hold For Virtual Reality?

In the dawn of 2017, its time to focus on the exciting elements of what the future has to offer. Virtual reality, in short “VR”, the displacement of everything we know and perceive as real.

In this uncertain world that we inhabit, one can’t help but be reminded of our old buddy ‘Werner Heisenberg‘ and his uncertainty principle. How does this link in with virtual reality, you ask? Well, when shutting out the real world in the most immersive contemporary experience, it would seem that the link is seamless. As seamless as a box with Schrodinger’s cat, David Bowie and George Micheal harboured inside it. No, I will not let go, not quite yet.

As I was saying, uncertainty, VR, Bowie, particle observation, it’s all an interesting correspondent to the same ideology.
Richard Feynman is a theoretical physicist popular for his ability to explain the intricate in Layman’s terms. He declared that what we see is a ‘limited experience’ to nature. Heisenberg’s idea that Feynman so acutely interpreted was discussing a refined measurement of our encounter with the world around us. The relationship of sight to understanding is at an unsophisticated level, compared to the quantum comprehension.

Here’s a hipster, getting away from reality. Photo Credit: Hammerandtusk – Pixabay

After all, the fabrics of atom workings cannot be visible to the naked eye. Therefore, there is always just an element of abstract or mysteria to arose any uncertainty. To see beyond sight and what cannot be visible with the naked eye, but working in the fabrics of atoms. Matter is one of nature’s bizarre mistresses’. Einstein was attempting to observe light in the early 1900’s. We now know that light works as a duality. Simultaneously, this undetermined behaviour shows us ‘light acts like particles’, but also it’s impossible to pin down any kind of definitive answer as to the perception of it, at this current time.

Basically, the intrinsic nature of physical law is “hella'” abstract. So, if mother nature herself is a deceiving confusion to the senses how do we know anything is real, including these virtual reality headsets, but, also our own material bodies?

The answer is that we don’t, quite simply. Philosophers, religions, scientists, critical thinkers have long pondered the very matter that formulates our daily life. The reason is because it is such an evolving topic, so it’s difficult to ever devise a singular outcome.

Look at ‘Westworld‘, the HBO Sci-fi series smashing ratings at the moment. Delving into a world of an amusement park populated by androids catering to paying visitors. The poor robots have no clue that their entire existence is an exploit for the paying visitors that they share their time with. Is it possible that the success of the show has come due to acknowledging the existential terror of VR, that could be awaiting us around the corner? Are we already these robots, bending to the will of our video game ‘Gods’? These questions are too complex for me to answer, but they sure are interesting…

Who of us can deny the power of say ‘World of Warcraft‘ to hammer in a host of gaming enthusiasts and leeching the very life force from their own organic ambitions. Since the introduction of WOW in 2004, while the rest of us were trudging on in boring ‘reality’, 50 billion houses of game play saw youths and adults alike. stagnating in their own Mountain Dew and Dorito sweat, just playing away.
We know as well, from games such as ‘Runescape‘, they prey on the subscription community. They build a dense world with tedious and petty tasks, just like life and expect trade or capital to keep incentive and moral going, just like real life. More importantly, your able to do all of this from a chair and that’s a hell of a lot easier than let’s say, “real life”. Their dominant figures of profit are derived from this reoccurring system.

What is real when you start generating immersive video projections? ‘Black Mirror’ recently made us look into the screen and actually question the very place of technology with it’s horrific journey into the essence of what it actually means to be human.

In the third episode, a game developer has discovered a way of inserting a brain chip, rendering a personal protection from the mind of the ‘game player’. Signing up for a paid volunteer to test this revolutionary game, it turns out to be a lot deeper than ever expected. The horror game latches onto fears of the participant, or should we say victim? This then blurs the lines of reality, stuck in a perpetual nightmare of inherent personal fears.

I mean lets not get ahead of ourselves or fear monger here, but just look at the facts. Video games are not ‘claiming victims’ like a sentient reaction to the human ego of smart design. However, any tool must be viewed as something of a great responsibility in the words of Uncle Ben. Peter Parker really did get some pearls of wisdom to aid his heroic journey. So, think of this article like a wise, iconic comic book uncle.

Will the real world become obsolete, one day? Photo Credit: Geralt – Pixabay

But, virtual reality is currently proving to be a snore fest with the mass audience. The gasps are yet to come, we still have to settle for now, for a clumsy confusing concoction of blabbering enthusiasts that say that VR is already here. The communities at gaming conventions, who should be the demographic to praise it, are not exactly buying the “gimmick” of VR, just yet, either.

The thing to consider is the infant period that we are currently finding ourselves in, within regard to the format as a whole. At the moment, VR remains a wonder of what is possible in the future, but it is still heavily relying on this “new factor” really catching on.

When elevating VR to films, gaming, music festivals and even to work meetings; is when it will really be domesticated and then real life may become threatened, as the the visions between virtual and reality begin to blur.

Is it sensory deprivation or entertaining enhancement or can we even get an answer? If we have learnt anything today it is that nothing can be cultivated to a certain degree at this point.

Samsung Gear 4D experience was a stripped down simulation ride, but you can tell the kinks are being worked out. The Playstation 1 could never compare to the PS4 next generation experience.

Do not underestimate this seemingly simple evolution of entertainment. Just bare in mind that in a world so easily malleable to the will of certainty, it isn’t difficult to lose yourself to what may or may not be there.


So, what will the future of VR turn into?

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Featured Photo Credit: Szfphy- Pixabay

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