Liberal Intolerance, Delusions & Hypocrisy with Meryl Streep & George Clooney

It’s been quite a year of Presidential Elections and also for general political commentary arising from the Hollywood elite, who some might say are greatly out of touch with the “real world”; especially when aligned with their views on politics. Here’s George Clooney in that amazing speech at ‘The Cannes Film Festival’, which now raises quite a few eyebrows, doesn’t it? “There’s not gonna’ be a president, Donald Trump”. (Laughter) Even stumbling over his own words, seemingly…fumbling words. What an insignificantly untrue speech of delusional proportions that was, right?



Well, he was wrong with his opinions as he read off a paper and he seems like a great pawn to the bigger system, does he not? George Clooney also was an advocate for everyone to take in so many refugees, until they showed up near his home in Lake Como, Italy, then suddenly became quiet all of a sudden. Hypocrisy? Champagne socialism? For sure!

Here’s Meryl Streep, a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton and she waited until Trump was elected President to share her views more publicly. Here’s her speech at the Golden Globes and she seemingly only seems to care about Hollywood and her speech completely misses the mark. What world is she living in?



A honky-dory Hollywood world, that’s where she’s living, where elitist’s know nothing about what’s happening except for wanting to protect their own formed agenda.  That’s what it is!

So, she’s going through the great diversity of Hollywood talents’ and where they come from? What does this have to do with anything? This is the worst acceptance speech for a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ ever and then she calls out Mixed Martial Arts, as not being an art form? That has nothing to do with anything and that’s also up for debate now. She’s so out of touch, it’s amazing.

She also said, “they gave me three minutes to say this”. Right…

So, yet another ordered speech there, that was focusing on the mass media’s attempt to link Donald Trump’s comments towards a handicapped journalist on his campaign trail to become President. If you watch his other reactions over the years, he has done that hand thing reaction often, when not even in any relation to a handicapped journalist. Meryl Streep was suggesting “disability” intolerance, but when that journalist wrote untruths about Trump based on an article from sixteen years ago, which was manufactured to dirty up his name, maybe its okay to defend yourself? In addition, equally as important, as Kelly Anne Conway points out here, why didn’t Meryl Streep speak out about the mentally disabled young man, who was recently tortured in Chicago? It would seem only fair and perhaps more current to be all inclusive of that story, as well?



There’s your strong female leader, right there Meryl, coming in with some home truths. We wish there were more people expressing common sense and even both sides to a story, rather than just a single one. So, let’s not deny the overdrive of lies on mainstream news, being one sided throughout the past 12 months and for eons longer than that.

George Clooney has come out and backed Meryl Streep’s speech, saying “I support her right forever”. Then George said that he hoped that Donald Trump would do a good job, “I can only hope for the best” he said.

Well, he already is doing a marvelous job George, even before taking office and if nobody sees that, then well, where are you looking? You’re not looking, that’s why…

Donald Trump has already brought back tons of big companies to manufacture their products and services at home, in the U.S.A.

Thus, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs, growing the economy and giving American’s more opportunity and prosperity for the future. This is more than we can say for the previous two presidential terms, even before he has entered the White House. There’s seemingly an imbalance of truth continuing in the mass media. No surprise there. Here’s but a few deals that Trump has already locked in:

The Carrier Deal, Sprint, Fiat Chrysler, Ford and with more deals surely to come, to bring back prosperity to the nation, so how is Trump exactly, doing a bad job?

He is doing a great job so far and also with Japanese mogul, Masayoshi Son, pledging to invest $50 billion to create 50,000 new jobs in the U.S.A, plus with early reports yesterday of the meeting of Donald Trump and Jack Ma from the Alibaba group, to create 1million new jobs over 5 years, in the U.S., read here.

So, are we to believe in all these super anti-Trump news networks and just ignore all the business growth? Are we to ignore how the markets and how consumer spending had also sky rocketed since December 2016?

How about that 30% tax rate cut? What about Robert De Niro and his comments earlier in 2016? What about actors and actresses and their political words (attempts) and is their stock now going to be falling? Much like Kellogg’s and Macy’s, as well, The New York Times, too, less and less readers.


The public tolerance for certain names, business’s and organisations is sinking. Why? Photo Credit: Geralt – Pixabay


So, will people now start to refuse to watch films with these actors and actresses? Yes, it might happen, as essentially they have said that around 60 million people’s votes in the U.S.A. don’t matter, by labeling Trump supporters with any number of words to try and divide, and discredit their ability to see through lies or having a difference of opinion, based on logical thinking and doing what is right for their country.

The thing that is for sure and what is just so plain to see; is that the liberal (democratic) intolerance and lies lost them the election and by focusing on non-issues, with fake news and attempting to create issues where there were none, lost them voters by the truckload, whilst Donald Trump carries on doing what is right for America, which is business, growth, unity and common sense. Does that make sense now?


However, you won’t hear much of that via your average fake news network.

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Featured Photo Credit: Unsplash- Pixabay


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