R.B.F Might be the Best Way to Stay Looking Young

According to the Daily Mail, who wrote a story about resting bitch face yesterday, because they claim that some now believe that ‘RBF’ makes the people in question, who are said to possess it, also garner the plausible benefits of so-called ‘RBF’, which is that they tend to be more “empathetic” and are also overall “better communicators” as people.

We don’t believe all of that, apart from maybe the empathetic part, and let us tell you why and what we believe to be the truth regarding this recent term that’s out in the public consciousness, called resting bitch face.

We felt this would be a very apt time to weigh in on this notion of generally never smiling or ever using the muscles in your face very much, unless that’s what your emotions inherently make you do naturally. No Botox needed here, to keep you look young just yet.

Resting Bitch Face is hardly a thing, but perhaps, just how your face looks when you are just normal, letting your face just be as it is?

Here’s a Fox doing the classic rendition of “resting bitch face”. Perfect! Image Credit: Monstreh – Pixabay

People who are accused to have or to be called out as having “RBF” tend not to engage in fake emotions or laugh at stupid stuff and or even act surprised by things, that are not very surprising at all. We are hard to amuse, which is why people tend to call them out as being unhappy or never smiling. Maybe, it’s because you are boring them? Just a thought to throw out there.

In the long term, being only true to your real emotions, will no doubt prevent any potential wrinkles showing up on your face, unnecessarily ahead of time . People might ask you, “How do you stay looking so young?’

Some of us have heard this one before, well, lets just say that “RBF” people tend not to smile at things or situations, which don’t bring them any joy. They tend to reserve those occasions for genuine smiles, genuine emotions and genuine reactions. Perhaps, because they are genuine people, when they laugh it’s because something is genuinely funny, even hilarious, not because of socially awkward situations or pretending to fit in somewhere. Yes, all those times when you refrain from engaging in fakery, you will stay looking younger.

So, in the aspects of staying young, a “fountain of youth” if you will, this newly coined term “RBF”, may very well be the key to not aging with a bunch of wrinkles as quickly as some other people might. We genuinely expect genuine people that don’t laugh to entertain others ego’s and perform “fake acting” in real life situations, to always look a bit younger than their fake-smiling counterparts.

Well, at least keeping your emotions to a minimum because it clearly takes years off your face in the long term.   If you’re 50 years old, you might pass for 40 years old, if you’re 35 years old, you could even pass for 25 years old. You see what we are getting at here, you’ll maybe look ten years younger.

Here’s an excited sun of a bitch in sunglasses. See? Not much emotion. Image Credit: Clkr-Free-Vector-Images – Pixabay

Of course, RBF is also associated with a perceived notion of mean spirited people or maybe it’s just because they are not so impressed all the time? Maybe, their smile brings more joy to a place than anyone else ever will, because you might know that the person associated with this fake term of resting bitch face, only subscribes to real emotions and are not easily entertained. It might take something genuine to garner a facial muscle reaction from them, but if you’re able to bring out a genuine emotion in these people, you will marvel at the smile that arrives and how it lights up the whole room.

Too much of society’s inter-daily workings, seemingly revolve around playing a role, much like an actor who plays a character, but how about if you only used your true emotional reactions, whenever they came by naturally?

You might even surprise yourself and be quite pleased that you didn’t fake your way into looking significantly older over the years.

So, is resting bitch face even a topic of discussion? We gather that for some people it is; as why else would it be out in the public consciousness? People accused of having RBF also find it hard to smile in photos, unless there’s something genuinely funny happening at the time, because how can you fake smile in the first place and make it seem genuine? It’s not so easy for everyone…

On the other side of the spectrum of resting bitch face (RBS) are the people who have it because they have gone under the knife, with plastic surgery and or have used a lot of Botox. Each to their own and there’s nothing wrong with that either, but we thought we would highlight the philosophy of being true to the muscles in your face, your emotions, thus saving yourself from wrinkle lines ahead of time, and only using the muscles in your face, when you’re truly feeling an emotion coming on.

This is that “what the hell was that?” look. Minimal reaction, as well. Image Credit: Clkr-Free-Vector-Images

After all, this could also be the reason why people accused of having “RBF”, also tend to look much younger than their actual age?

Let’s be honest, what is this “resting bitch face” nonsense all about anyway? Please, do share your thoughts on resting bitch face and the “fountain of youth”, as we have described it, in our comments section below.

Smile and or cry, act surprised and or genuinely move and react only when your true emotions makes your face make those little natural shifts, otherwise, you will age before your time and so you might as well just preserve your righteous feelings and thus give them a rest. Until you are so genuinely inclined to either smile or react to somebody that you are interacting with, since there’s really no need for overreacting, is there?



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Featured Photo Credit: Creative Magic – Pixabay

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