World Cup to Roll Out 48 Country Tournament in 2026

Apparently, nothing is sacred anymore in these strange times and now it is seemingly affecting Football “Soccer”, as well. FIFA Chiefs voted for a proposal of an inflated amount of countries to participate in the World Cup, the biggest sporting and most popular event in all of sports history, even every time that it’s on. So, how could they go and ruin this wonderful sports spectacle, you might ask? Well, some people obviously had plans to do just that. Obviously, they are not aware of the age old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

Well, FIFA have voted for making 48 countries to be in the actual World Cup tournament in 2026, led by Gianni Infantino.

We aren’t Italian, but the last name sounds like an “Infant” and so we didn’t miss out on that hidden factual simile.

Is is what the World Cup will turn into? It surely looks like it… Image Credit: Isakarakus

This infantile idea is already sending out shock waves out into the footballing community across the world today. After lots of FIFA corruption in recent years under Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini, to the giving of the World Cup tournament to Qatar in 2022, which has baffled the football world, so it just seems to be truly getting worse and worse.

Of course, there have been issues with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar already, in that they have never qualified for a World Cup, so how should they be allowed to host one? Also, by seemingly being able to host the tournament in the seasonal summer as it always is held, but in Qatar the temperatures in Celsius are over 41c degrees. That’s too hot! So, this brought up the plausible attempt to move the tournament to the winter months, perhaps in January or so, but this would clash with domestic football teams scheduling in the league seasons. So, this is an utter mess that FIFA created and it is yet to be solved.

So, why not make it worse and so let’s go to 2026 already, where now 48 countries will compete, some of which have no business even being in the tournament, whatsoever. This symbolizes the decay of the World, through Football right now.

Is the World Cup becoming a communist or socialist endeavor, at the very seams of it? It seem so, because when a historic and beautiful sports tournament is gutted and torn out into 48 countries, instead of 32, you begin to wonder what the hell is going on?

Here’s the sacred trophy, becoming less and less sacred by the day. Photo Credit:

More corruption it seems. True! Let’s try to understand this new proposal, which is said to have 80 matches, as opposed to 64 matches in the 32-team format. WTH?!

As if women weren’t sick enough of the World Cup already, now there will be even more matches and more national teams playing like true “Toddlers” in a messy scrum pile up, much to the amusement of soccer mom’s everywhere, itching to jump back into their mini-vans and “f*ck off” back home with the cupcakes that are still left over…

This 80 match World Cup is also said to only have 3 teams in a group, in the beginning of it. Excuse us, but, WTF are you on about, mate? Surely now, we will see Baseball scores when the USA soccer team takes on North Korea in 2026, beating them 10-0 in the 9th inning with “Water Breaks”, already rolled out because of the Qatar mess that is still yet to come in 2022.

However, in North Korea, unless they win, this won’t be reported as we already know, from their last appearance in the World Cup. How did they even, get there?

Also, can you imagine Germany playing Mali, then beating them 17-1, with a charity goal let in by the Germans, just to be nice to them, just because it’s good to be nice? This is football, it’s a competition, not a corrupt charity!

Anyways, back to this mess of FIFA and their 48-country proposal for the World Cup, which is making everyone in football shudder, apart from the Chiefs that have voted this into existence.

This is a terrible idea and somebody needs to stop these little “Satan’s” from actually making this into a reality. Is nothing allowed to be sacred anymore? It doesn’t look like it, does it? A humongous “sigh” is ringing out across the whole world, right now.


Diego Maradona has apparently backed Gianni Infantino, but Maradona also used cocaine in his last World Cup appearance in 1994, so should he really be the voice of reason here? We don’t think so! Also, how about that “Hand of God” incident against England in 1986?!


Good job FIFA, good job! Go ahead! Ruin the World Cup, thanks!

The World Cup is seemingly now going to Hell!


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Featured Photo Credit: Comfreak – Pixabay

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