Urban Myths: Joseph Fiennes Plays Michael Jackson; Already, It’s Not Appreciated!

So, Sky Television have a new program coming out on their Sky Arts Channel, rolling out an original comedy skit series, called ‘Urban Myths’, which will premier on Thursday, January 19th, in 2017 and which has been described by Sky as:

‘Our Urban Myths are stories that have been passed down over time and have now become part of urban folklore. But are they true? We take a slightly tongue in cheek, mischievous – and deliberately ambiguous – look at what might have happened…’

But, what has already angered people, including us, with the inclusion of Michael Jackson as a completely fictional comedy character portrayal of the late ‘King of Pop’ in this TV program, being played by none other than, Joseph Fiennes. No matter how funny they intend this to be or how refreshing it is to have some funny satirical comedy on television again, straight off the bat, we are not pleased to see or hear about this complete disrespect of Michael Jackson, even way before seeing it. No doubt, we will be tuning in to see this next Thursday, and then assess the situation.

A big “F*ck You” here! Image Credit: TheWrap

Michael Jackson is sacred, much like Elizabeth Taylor and there will be many that do not find it funny to satirize them in this fashion. Some have already said that Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson is “whitewashing”. Perhaps, but maybe it’s just not “cool” to portray MJ, who was a gift to music and with his huge cultural influence, to be portrayed in a satirical TV show after his death, and especially in this “low-blow” sort of way? Sometimes, always, it’s not funny…

The show will feature seeming parodies and satire of Bob Dylan, Cary Grant, Adolf Hitler, Elizabeth Taylor, Novelist – Samuel Beckett, Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson.

It doesn’t seem right to create comedy out of dead celebrities or even of Adolf Hitler for that matter, it’s not right to even go there on these touchy subjects, scribbled out by careless writers who think that they are being funny. When we do satirical writing, it’s funny and based on some truths (reality check) and we aren’t hurting anyone, but this is entirely different!

This isn’t funny! It’s messed up! Image Credit: SkyArts ‘Urban Myths’ trailer still.

How can Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson in their death, protect their image with this opinionated and fake premise of “no truth” within it, using their intended image and then lading it with utter fiction used to make fun of them. Did these writers personally know Michael Jackson, or even Elizabeth Taylor? Nope…So, how is it right or even an attempt to be funny?

The story seemingly goes to show an attempt to discredit Michael Jackson and his legacy of philanthropy and good deeds, not to mention his untouchable music and musical influence. Perhaps, in the same vein as unfounded child molestation charges which he faced whilst in the public eye, as if a “Satanic” agenda was out to tarnish his image.

So, do we find this funny? No! And, it’s because you are disrespecting Michael Jackson. Go ahead and take a look at the trailer below. It could have been funny but they decided to focus on ‘Dead Celebrity Legends’ and disrespect MJ, what a way to totally miss the mark, Sky!

Seems like Sky don’t care anyway and they will run this show, either way. This will ruin Joseph Fiennes career or what was left of it, and the total disrespect is shown by the production design jabs at his trouble with plastic surgery and does Ralph even sound like “MJ”, that answer is “NO!”. They even include comedy about Michael’s pet monkey, “Bubbles”.

Like Michael Jackson, once said. “Leave Me Alone”. We agree, just leave Michael Jackson alone. Seemingly, in ‘Urban Myths’ the story goes that Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor go on a road trip in Great Britain, post 9/11. Hmmm?

Lots to consider here and the ultimate baseline is to stop messing with Michael Jackson. We might just have to disconnect from Sky now, if this was that great TV show that we had been waiting for? They already have tons of crap programming already on the digital cable service to flip through everyday, so this was not appreciated, at all!  So, is this their original funny show to give to paying customers? SMH..

Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, said “It made me want to vomit”, calling it “shameful” upon seeing Joseph Fiennes trying to play the role of her father. Plus, also for disrespecting her godmother, Elizabeth Taylor


Brainstain, over and out!

Buy “Leave Me Alone” here!

Support Michael Jackson, we’re giving the middle finger up to the creators of this program!

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