Ray J: Celebrity Big Brother Exit & Controversy

Ray J, the singer, the man, the myth and the legend (that nobody knows), famous for a song or so, and for starring in that famous Kim Kardashian sex tape and also for his seemingly ill timed relationship with Whitney Houston, entered into the Celebrity Big Brother house on the opening night; to the tune of around $1million. Not bad money, if you can get it.

However, just after a few days into that usually mundane Celebrity show, the cameras suddenly stopped rolling, after Ray J had complained about dental pain for over three days. Seemingly, Ray J had an abscessed tooth, a cracked filling and was going through severe dental pain. He was given some regular old painkillers and obviously they did not do the trick. Perhaps, it was some Anadin or Nurofen?

Here’s Ray J, before entering the house on opening night. Photo Credit: Channel 5 – CBB

So, CBB decided to get him to a hospital since that didn’t work, where reportedly on the way there, he also passed out in the ambulance due to the pain. Big Brother decided to axe him from the house on Tuesday, January 10th, due to his tooth problems.

Ray J has decided to stay put in London and later revealed that there were some “juicy” details on the Celebrity Big Brother producers, that he had offered to sell to the highest bidder, unless he was given some other hush money. He has since expressed interest in re-entering the house but so far CBB haven’t let him back in.

In the house, Ray J had spoken candidly about his relationship with Whitney Houston, also saying how ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ singer, housemate Stacy Francis, got into an argument with Whitney Houston right before her death. In response, Stacy said that she felt like Ray-J “had thrown her under a bus”; plus Ray J also had an issue with Calum Best’s mom, “Angie”, (is that really his mom in there, too?) right before leaving the house, being called a “fucking slime” by Angie, for smoking cigarettes during an apparent detox challenge. Ray J’s response was along the lines of how he works very hard for all that he gets, after she also being called him a “whiney, little boy”.

Ray J, coming up with a plan? Photo Credit: CBB-BBC

Wow, this is entertainment, is it not? That he even gets money to show up on such a show, almost speaks worse of the producers of Celebrity Big Brother, than himself. maybe? They must’ve known that they had signed up for some trouble with this guy. Perhaps, it’s all apart of the show, as seemingly the ratings aren’t so good this year, either.

So, how much longer will Ray-J be in London for? Was he really removed all over these tooth problems? We know those pains can be quite serious and even fatal, if left untreated, but maybe there’s something bigger that’s a foot here?

Perhaps, Ray-J had said some inappropriate things in the house? You know, how they always switch the sound off? He could have said some things that really upset some of these other little known, so-called “celebrities”.

Will Ray-J still get paid in full? Reportedly, he will still receive at least a six figure sum, read here.

What happened? He still gets a big pay day, though. Photo Credit: CBB-DailyStar

Well, why won’t they let him back into the house? Or will this manipulative guy, now pursue a deal to sell his story about CBB producers to the highest bidder?

According to the Mirror Online, a source close to Ray J, said, “You need to come to the table with an offer. I can put him down for a tell all interview.”

Seemingly, anything is an opportunity to make some extra money when Ray J is around. Who knows what will happen next? Maybe, he will return to the house, after all?

He is most definitely being watched, even outside the house. Maybe, he will meet a British WAG, or something?Let’s keep a half sleepy eye over this whole situation, as it develops.


Here, check out the Mirror for some CBB video content.


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Featured Photo Credit: Chadonihi-Pixabay

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