Selena Gomez & The Weeknd: Real or just for the Weekend?

In yet more sensational celebrity news, Selena Gomez was spotted smooching, kissing and generally being all over artist ‘The Weeknd’, as will we, once the weekend finally arrives. Anyone, out there have any fun plans this weekend? But, who knew that Selena and The Weeknd were seemingly already an item, did you? TMZ managed to snap the pair together outside Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, see those “smoochy” pics right here.

Bella Hadid, ex-girlfriend of The Weeknd has since unfollowed Selena Gomez on Instagram after those pics first came out. Oooooo! Handbags! This new revelation is truly heating up in “Hollywood” land. Elsewhere, Justin Bieber sported a new haircut, reverting back to the same style that he had, back when he was around 11-years old. Plausibly, in an attempt to lure his ex-girlfriend Selena, back to him? Who knows?

Bieber Back to His Best. Photo Credit: TheSun

Seemingly, Justin may have been aware of this Selena Gomez & The Weeknd thing prior; as why else would he go back to the old hairstyle that he used to have, when first meeting her? So, are Selena and The Weeknd just having a “fling” or is it a genuine burgeoning relationship that’s on the rise? Only time will tell, but it has definitely already upset Bella Hadid, after even that awkward Victoria Secret Catwalk show passing of ‘The Weekn’ himself, late last year. Nice underwear, Victoria’s Secrets’ are always great. Thumbs up!


Now, here’s Selena’s latest picture from today, courtesy of Instagram account ‘Mertalas’ and it gives you a lot to think about, doesn’t it?


Photo Credit: Mertalas Instagram

Maybe, it’s a clue as to what this weekend has in store for ‘The Weeknd’. Personally, we can’t wait for the weekend, either. We will make sure to follow up on this neat little story, as soon as there are some further updates. We are predicting some major shade to be thrown about in La-La Land and over Twitter, Instagram and we might even get some love songs, some crooning and perhaps even, some tears… But, maybe Bieber and Bella, should get together? It surely has a nice ring to it, “Bella and Bieber”.


Brainstain, over and out!

Have a good weekend!


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