The Many Hairstyles of Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is that 100million Pound French footballer, originally from the Manchester United youth academy, the one that Alex Ferguson let go to Juventus, only for him to return a few years later with a hefty price tag, some Serie A titles, lots of dabbing and an array of ever changing hair designs.

Truly, he’s a great player, a sleek Bentley in the middle of the park, at times, but yesterday’s performance against Liverpool was quite terrible, he played like a broken down Skoda and one wondered what was going through his head and as this photo shows, there may have been one or two holes in it, as the green stripes blended into the Old Trafford pitch.


Photo Credit: PaulPogba/instagram

His first half contribution was giving away a penalty, perhaps, unnecessarily using his hands in the box.

Pogba decides not to use his head. “Doh!” Maybe, he was protecting his hair?

Let’s take a look at some of the colourful hair designs of Paul Pogba, a brilliant player that’s still coming into his own at Manchester United Football club. Some still wish that his performances were as colourful as his hairstyles

Here’s a little montage to get you ready.


The Sunbeam and Lightning


The Pogboom


The Star


What’s that?


The Tsunami


The Leopard Spot


The Cheetah


The Flash Gordon

And, last but not least……

The Wavey Preppy Look

One thing is certain, he’s surely got a lot of style, both on and off the pitch.  Which one is your favourite? You wouldn’t or couldn’t imagine this hair on anyone else, would you? Let’s hope that we see more of his style on the ball, rather than on his head, coming up someday soon.

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Featured Photo Credit: Adidas/TheMirror

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  1. Professional footballers focus on skills, amateurs and clowns focus on hairstyles. If If Pogba does not know what is professional, just look at Zlatan how he performs at 35! Btw, Zlatan keeps merely the same hairstyle as 10 years ago. Btw BTW, does Balotelli reminds Pogba of anything?

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