12 Reasons Why Katie Hopkins is the Undisputed ‘Queen of Twitter’

LBC Radio Presenter, Columnist for the Mail Online and representation of everything that is great about Britain, Katie Hopkins is an outspoken beacon of truth and light in a world gone crazy of fear of offending and hurting peoples feelings.

So, without fear of offending simple-minded folk, here are the 12 Reasons why Katie Hopkins is the undistributed Queen of Twitter.

1 – Katie Hopkins Twitter account tells it like it is and if you are easily offended, “why the f*** are you”,  following her?”

2 – Katie’s Twitter account is literally the place to be and it’s a shrine to truth, logic and wisdom.

katie price twitter GIF

3 – Katie says all the things people are thinking but are not allowed to say, due to insane liberal political correctness gone mad and for fear of offending any Muslims, ever.

4 – Cue the ‘outrage’ from the Liberal Lefties, Overweight and unemployed, Breast feeding mums, Parents of children with horrendous names, Gingers, Feminists and Migrants and their sympathisers (looking at you Lily Allen) and of course the Muslims whenever Katie tweets something.  That’s entertainment.

5 – Katie  literally ‘trigger’ tweets any ‘butt hurt’ people in a close radius.

6 – But, please have pity on Katie, she deals with peoples stupidity on Twitter on a regular basis, it must be tiring and exhausting in having so many dull-witted imbeciles flood her News-feed with pointless shite on the daily.

7 – I mean, some of the idiotic and nonsensical things people say to her on Twitter are rather alarming and absurd to say the very least.

8 – Not to mention the terrible and rather unforgivable illiterate grammar she has had to endure, so far.

9 – In fact, Katie has christened herself the ‘the new Jesus’ of the Twitter generation “I’m Jesus of the outspoken. Jesus had his followers; I have 600,000 followers on Twitter. It’s about leading the way – I am the new Jesus.” So, that would make her Twitter account the digital bible for the non-delusional right?

10 – Even President Elect Donald Trump recognises the greatness that is Katie Hopkins.

11 – Whilst, others are just down right brainless, unnecessary and often times very offended by her.

12 – Katie and her truthful tweets are leading the way against the intolerant left and multiculturally over sensitive crowd, who label everything that they don’t agree with as “racist”. But, Katie flicks those meaningless labels off with her perfectly manicured nails like the Queen that she truly is.

Follow Katie Hopkins on Twitter and see for yourself of what makes her the undisputed ‘Queen of Twitter’. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we have a soft spot for the outspoken, here at Brainstain, if you didn’t notice already.

Story by Michael Lee

Featured Photo Credit: PinkNews

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