Young Married Man isn’t allowed to Sleep over at his Brother’s House

Planet Earth – We overheard just recently outside a sports bar in the Northern Hemisphere, a young “Married Man” in his mid-twenties was told off sternly by his wife on his cell phone, that he was definitely not allowed to sleep over at his brother’s house. A crushing reality for the young man and an overall general sense of dread came over him, it was all just so plain to see after he had hung up that call.

His brother, who had waited so patiently, just a few feet away for the impending answer, also shared the same facial expression as him now. It was a “No” from her and now the night of having a few innocent beers and taking in some sports action, was completely compromised, from here on out. “Request denied”, as they say…

How would he explain this to the rest of the group of friends that were waiting inside? What would their reaction be? Was he now to forever be the epitome of that famous term, “p*ssy whipped?” Or did they all, already know this to be the case in the very first place?

The countdown was on. Image Credit: FoxNews

The slump of his shoulders said it all, as his brother knowingly patted his back, upon re-entering the bar. Did the young married man really have to plan this one night exception, two weeks in advance, OR? What was going through the young married man’s head now? How much time did they have left as brothers’ that night?

One thing was clear, they would have to watch out for the clock constantly, plus also stringently oversee any slight excessive alcohol consumption and keep it to a rationed formula, that would ultimately appease his wife. She was not there, but after all, she was the one calling the shots.

This was all that we could really think about. But, these things happen every day and it can be very humbling to see this kind of behavior unfolding. What’s going on here?


We hope that his marriage works out for him, in the end. Bless him, dear god.

 Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Pexels – Pixabay


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