Why CNN is Fake News and Are The Biggest Fake News Source, Ever!

Yesterday CNN, ran a theoretical story of what would happen if Donald Trump and Mike Pence were assassinated before the Inauguration, which goes ahead today on January 20th. In case you missed it, here’s that link. Absurd and disgusting, just like CNN, truly is.

Unbelievably daring from these sore losers (CNN) of “fake news”, who vested all their time and energy over the previous 19 months in trying to discredit Donald Trump, in any way that they could, because they’re owned and funded by the global elitists’, who seemingly seek destruction for all. How did CNN try to do this?

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CNN did this by editing clips (doctoring) footage of Donald Trump, running Left Wing (socialist & communist) rhetoric throughout, spreading hate towards Donald Trump (trying to) claim racial divides were because of him, when you’d only need to research a little on BLM to see who is the real cause and under which presidency in America that fell into? Paid protestors, Craigslist adverts to prove it, at Trump rallies etc.

The answer is Obama’s term with Hillary Clinton and George Soros, so nearby that they were basically breathing down his neck, all the time. Of course, Obama has done everything he can to be Anti-American before leaving office, including freeing dangerous Islamic extremists from Guantanamo Bay, plus freeing Major Druglord Kingpin’s from Prisons across the USA, in his final days. Wow! Nice job, Barry.

However, they didn’t report this on CNN, did they? Oh and let’s not forget CNN and their rhetoric upon the passing of Communist Dictator, Fidel Castro. This was a glorious story of a wonderful man, according to CNN. Many people called them the ‘Communist News Network’ after this and even before this even happened.

They also tried to have Buzzfeed run a story with them (CNN), then later retracted that story (embarrassingly because it was a huge desperate fake story). Yes, a fake 30 page dossier involving lies written by an MI6 agent living out in Surrey, England, which stated that Trump was spied on in Russia, asking prostitutes to piss on top a bed, because the Obama Family had once slept in that bed, so, once upon a time much like a fairytale. I mean, “just for kicks”, right? What a fake bunch of “sh*t” !

What a liberal deluded fairy tale of giant sore losers, that was! “When everybody gets a trophy, nobody knows how to lose”, as that old saying goes.

The MI6 Agent ran for his life, reportedly giving his dog to a neighbor in the well-to-do Surrey suburb, where he lived. Perhaps, he shouldn’t have come up with a fake dossier, and be a purveyor of “Champagne Socialism” and “Lies” and “Desperate Cheating”, just perhaps?

Fake News and Fake Politics is being turned on its ugly head and this is the “good news!”

Obama also freed Chelsea Manning in his last days. Wow! This is “no doubt”,  just to leave a mark of his legacy, as they like to call it? A terrible idea and one only wonders if it’s just because Chelsea Manning became a transgender woman? Or maybe not? We didn’t see him do the same for Julian Assange with a pardon, did we? Interesting…Chelsea Manning leaked some 700,000 sensitive files of U.S. secrets out into the open. Obama frees him, or is it, her? Not surprised…

Image Credit: CNN

Obama’s legacy is tarnished with many incidents that were very-very bad. Some were pretty good (still thinking to find any notable one’s) and admittedly he’s seemingly a very “cool President”. But, it’s not image that matter’s, it’s a successful presidency of prosperity and righteousness that should dictate how a legacy is received, right? But, CNN could still be the reason why people didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. Nobody would’ve turned up to her campaign trail unless huge paid Hollywood artists, were the one’s drawing the crowds.

Let’s get back to the many liars of CNN, who are all so evident to see so “very clearly”, as they simply read off fake news from their Teleprompters; somehow believing that people will still tune in?

Don’t bother. Let’s take a look at some of the “Fake Faces” of the biggest “Fake News Network” ever, please enjoy! Wolf Blitzer here, speaking for himself. That’s “REAL” news, but most people already knew that. Please, click the link below for that Gif. Priceless.


Here’s Anderson Cooper again, taking it all in a day’s work, after all that “Fake News” reporting over the past 2 years, has truly taken it’s toll. Please, click the link below for that Gif. Priceless.


Here’s that horrible and evil vibration of a man, called Fareed Zakaria and we think that this really says it all about him in one image. (Shudder) Please, click the link below for that Gif. Priceless.


Here’s Don Lemon, “out in the open” here below, that fickle-news-baiting-switch-smiling-tequila drinking, “Cool Guy”, that we actually kind of like, or do we? Are we offended?  “Nah”, not really? Everything will be okay “Mr. Lemon”, just perhaps, report on ‘Celebrity News’, as opposed to “Fake News” for the CNN vehicle?

Oh and let’s not forget the hugely fake stories of “Russian Hacking”, because they couldn’t deal with the truth of everyone voting for Donald Trump, because Hillary Clinton ran one of the worst campaigns’ in presidential election history. Add to this, a bunch of other fake news stories, like Hillary’s Polls and other unmanageable news reporting angles that always claimed mass shootings were not because of ‘Islamic Terrorist Extremism’, but instead, always some other form of excuse that they could find….”Socialist News in Denial”, we’d like to say. They never covered John Podesta’s emails either or any of Hillary Clinton’s blatant scandals on CNN. “Deplorable”, you might say…

A look at Wolf Blitzer, again! Looking blitzed here, again!

Let’s not forget the problems in Chicago (Obama’s hometown) and let’s not forget how CNN failed to label the beating of a mentally disabled young man, as a “racist” hate crime, by simply labeling it as a “beating” of sorts…Not BLM, brainwash ethics, at all?

This was even called out by Montell Williams, as being absurd and he called for “life imprisonment” and “no parole” to the four suspects of the BLM fracas or even claiming it to be BLM related, for that matter. A fake movementfunded by George Soros, etc.

Perhaps, the four suspects now in jail, only had one news source and that was CNN, which made them think that this was all “okay” to do, to kidnap and beat this mentally disable Trump supporter? And, shout “racist” remarks, whilst, doing so..

So, how many mass shootings were there under Obama? The highest number ever in recorded history, over 127 mass shooting incidents in the USA, please look at the % surge here.

We can’t be exact on that number today, as there has been so many of them, but it just shows that something very funny was going on, perhaps, even out of the President’s control? Ironically, Obama will build a wall around his home. We wish him well.

How many bombs did Obama drop during his presidency? A big one, every 8 hours of every day, statistics show that that’s more than any other president before him. That ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ is very much up for debate, these days…

How many bad deals did Obama make that were truly Anti-American? Countless one’s via the Hillary ‘Clinton Foundation’ behind a lot of them, plus shady procedures of giving $4 billion cash to Iran on an airport runway. What for? Have a guess…

How many bad deals did Obama make that were truly “Anti-American”? Countless one’s via the Clinton Foundation behind a lot of them, plus shady procedures of giving $4 billion cash to Iran on an airport runway. What for?

That’s why CNN have become known as the following, ‘Corrupt News Network’, ‘Clinton News Network’ and the ‘Communist News Network’.

Justice is “sweet!”. Oh and we had to throw in this masterpiece of ‘Election Night’ on SNL, which poignantly depicts clueless liberal “dunces” living in a bubble of “idiocy”; written by Dave Chappelle. Sweet! Watch it and weep and flashback to election night, all over again. Bwahahaha! They must’ve been watching CNN all year long. Just brilliant! It’s funny how “brainwashing” works, is it not?

You might wonder why one is so passionate about this topic? Well, we saw it all with our own eyes, having to listen to so many lies. That should put it in perspective. “Liars” is something which society needs to get rid of; hence, there’s no Hillary Clinton Presidency!

Kelly Anne Conway is the strong female leader that you wanted and Donald Trump is your President.

Happy Inauguration Day and Congratulations to Donald Trump. Salute!

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