China’s Big Money & The Rising Threat of Football’s Weekly Wages

This past weekend, it saw Wayne Rooney break the 250-goal mark of Manchester United’s all-time record goal scorer, in Sir Bobby Charlton, with a screamer of Free Kick against Stoke City, with the ball, nestling in the roof of the net. Add that to the already humbling notion of the Chinese Super League, possessing so much money that other Western clubs simply cannot compete with the surge in weekly wages for some of the renowned and hunted footballer’s across Europe by the Chinese Super League teams.

We have seen players like Graziano Pelle, settling for 400,000 GBP a week, Carlos Tevez, cashing in 615,000 GBP a week, whilst Jackson Martinez, Hulk and Ezequiel Lavezzi all headed to China, along with Oscar & Ramires, all arguably at the peak period in footballing years, now earning wages in excess of 300,000 GBP a week. Why did they move, you ask?

Carlos Tevez on 615,000 a week. Photo Credit: Daily Mail

The money obviously is insane and during this January transfer window, Chinese Super League clubs have tried to unsettle Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa and many other Premier League stars, with unbelievable pay cheques. Belgium center midfielder Axel Witsel surprisingly signed to a Chinese club, in this transfer window, as well.

Donald Trump said “China” a lot and in football (soccer) it’s the same thing. “China”, “China”, “China”, so you can clearly see the strength of Chinese pay packets being astronomical and this will no doubt have you considering moving there, as well. Sooner or later, as an ex-pat!

Jose Mourinho, the “special one”, has stated that he wouldn’t have anything against what Wayne Rooney decides to do in his decision of where to end his footballing career. Saying this in the January transfer window is quite brave, but you could argue that Rooney has accomplished all that he can at MUFC already. Or you could argue that he still has a lot to give this season, which might be his last season at the club. That remains to be seen, whilst Mourinho is finally putting his stamp on his own Manchester United side, with a few kinks still to mend.

Mourinho said this about players and their plans, plausible temptations of China;

“I don’t like to be critical of players who decide to go China. It’s their life, it’s their organization of their life, their organization of their career. The money is huge, the experience can also be interesting.”

The Chinese Super League is already the home of stars such as Gervinho, Demba Ba, Asamoah Gyan, Alex Teixeira, Burak Yilmaz and Paulinho, who make significantly more there, than they ever would by staying in Europe to play, at a higher level of football. Here enjoy this list of highest paid players in the world or just marvel at these Highest Chinese Salaries in football.

Image Credit: Good work, if you can get it, as they say…

So, what’s next for certain star players like Wayne Rooney and any other number of obtainable players in the near future, who will now not be coming over to the Major League Soccer competition to end their careers, if China comes in, that is.

Often times, world politics mirrors the greatest sport of them all, football, or as you like to call it, “Soccer”. Either way, we can see good relations with China, but when it comes to Soccer, the USA is going to be screwed over, completely.

Apart from that in Politics, USA is becoming more and more strong, stronger than ever and they don’t seem to care much about the MLS, anyway. It was good to see businessman Jack Ma from Alibaba, also in recent talks with Donald Trump and also in his own independent interview about how he believes that establishment politics has spent too much money on wars, instead of helping their own people.

We are wondering whether to sell Wayne Rooney off in the January 2017 transfer window, fulfilling his wish in the game, Football Manager 2017, or do we then risk upsetting the Manchester United fans, club legacy and possibly even the players in the dressing room, if we do so?


Football is Politics. Politics is Football. Business is business.

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Featured Photo Credit: Moerschy – Pixabay



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