The Secret Service Pays Madonna an Inquisitive Visit

Madonna aka Madonna Louise Ciccone has long been a groundbreaking establishment artist since the mid eighties and now Madonna is also nearing that number in only a few years time (lest we forget). Yet, this weekend she was wearing an orange jumpsuit and a baggy bomber jacket with a hood, looking like some sort of a crack-fiend with a cheap “NAF-NAF” jacket on, screaming obscenities such as “p*ssy” and other unspeakable words to a flock of “baa-eeing” sheep.

This was quite the sight to behold, as she engaged in the devil’s work alongside Ashley Judd, who has since retired from making films with Morgan Freeman entirely, but there she was, screaming plenty of things, that also made no sense, whatsoever.  Only Michael Moore topped these two, in rising their stock of being the most disliked by people across the world.

It was all fun and games until Madonna, famous for outlandish statements, like the one, “I will blow you if you vote for Hillary Clinton”, to now, “I fantasize about blowing up the White House”, and “I will get away with it, because I’m a celebrity”, which garnered her a visit from The Secret Service. What did you think was going to happen, Madge?

Let’s take a look, “She’s angry” yet smiling. What a numpty she is! (A Communist, but worth circa, $570 million)

How come Madonna didn’t blow anyone, yet? We’re confused. She said she’d give blowjobs to any voters of Hillary Clinton, not blow up the White House?! She might have dementia already and she has forgotten her original promise. We didn’t see her on her knees once. That’s empowerment!  “Hooray!”

Here’s Ashley Judd, yelling, “I’m A Feminist!” with words from “Nina Donovan”, “Hooray!” What an embarrassing paid for “hate speech” by the establishment, yet again! We’re sure that Elizabeth Warren enjoyed that one, as well as, Hillary Clinton.

Reportedly, Elizabeth Warren has also made herself available for all future re-makes or spin-offs of the ‘Pocahontas‘ film franchise, being that she knows the history, so well.

Ashley Judd who can’t seemingly get a film role these days, because I guess Morgan Freeman is even sick of her by now, finally landed this role that she’s now playing, speaking at the weekend to a bunch of seemingly confused female rights protestors.

Women do have all the rights already in America, almost more than men do? Just like a Marriage in the U.S.A and in the modern world, it’s usually women with most rights, these days, which is a good thing and there’s no reason to protest for it.

And, nothing will change in terms of “abortions” or their rights to that, or any of those things because of Mike Pence, so, let’s see how long this surge of protests will really go on for? Until, these people protesting just for the sake of it, will eventually go back to work. Or, maybe they don’t have any work to do?

Please, enjoy all that is bananas right now, and why not march for women’s rights in the Middle East, instead? As this might be more current and apt, than whatever hateful diatribe the establishment tries to spin off on the public against Donald Trump, yet again. Madonna has since claimed that she only metaphorically referred to “blowing up the white house”. Umkay, “you champagne communist!” It’s a shame they did not arrest her, just yet…

Soon enough, there will be lambs to the slaughter. Or you’d hope so, at least, since you can’t say those things, Madonna. Morgan Freeman is surely also not impressed with Ashley Judd, yet again, after these latest embarrassing shenanigans?


 Brainstain, over and out!

<Story by The Narrator>

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(that’s Lenin, not the Colonel Sanders, okay?)

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