The Skimpier The Bikini, The Better Your A** Looks

After an interesting weekend of lots of marching by a lots of big “moaners”, consisting of mostly women (feminists), sore losers and men wearing so-called, new “pussy-hats” for women’s rights (already given), there was as an undeniable pattern of whipped (beaten) men, paid protestors against Trump and a crowd full of deluded youngsters and anarchists; that were seemingly paid and brainwashed by establishment news media, but there’s some good news this morning, with a “new-ish” beach trend research, stating that tiny bikini bottoms are way more flattering for your ass.

Yes, long gone are the days, where women wore a full covering diaper like bikini bottom to the beach, since Brazilian culture had also made a strong case for shrinking beach wear since the early 2000’s, at the very least. Ass huggers were out and the itsy bitsy bikini game was getting stronger and this passion for bikini’s can be attributed to Brian Hyland’s hugely popular song, released in 1960. Let’s take a look!

The polka dot bikini, finally gave way for other colors and patterns and even smaller sizes. The bikini was a very popular new beginning for the public back in that burgeoning “swinging sixties” decade. The first ever bikini, was invented in 1948 by Frenchman Louis Reard and has now come a long way, already. Over the years, the bikini with its undeniable influence from Brazil, with a g-string inspired rhetoric (mentality) going forwards, but now with the old style bikini growing back to a happy medium size between the two, the old fashioned ass-hugger and the g-string itself; as new market research now truly shows since the year of 2011, courtesy of Karina Irby.

But first, in 1966, Nancy Sinatra came out with this “girl power” hit, which was brilliant and female liberation was already well underway, at that time. They don’t make good music like this anymore, but there’s hope of great music coming back again, some day soon. Establishment style music has since poisoned the minds of our children, post the mid-nineties. But, Nancy looks great by the way in this “classic jam”, with just a little reminder here.


So, what of Bikini’s in 2017, well, Karina Irby (Gold Coast, Australia) of Moana Bikini, launched in 2011, has said:

“While some people may not be comfortable rocking a small bikini, or some people might not like the way it looks on others, Moana Bikini actually believe that a smaller bikini will fit and showcase your body better than a bikini with much more coverage”

Karina Irby continued, “The way the Lycra hugs the body in a skimpier cut is actually far more positive and flattering for your body”

Photo Credit: Karina Irby/Instagram

We couldn’t agree more and she should know, because she’s in the business of making bikini’s, after all.

Popular brands such as ‘Rosa Cha’ and ‘Ipanema’ from Brazil, really hit the ground running with the emergence of Brazilian super models such as Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, throughout the mid 2000’s. The Brazilian bikini wax became a norm, and women all across the world have started sporting smaller coverage on their behinds, because it looks better.

More “taut” and less “sag” in the bikini world and it shows that swimwear has come a long way from the Miami Beach style of the mid 1980’s, until now, a more presentable and fashion-forward thinking-bikini bottom; is taking hold across the world.

Karina Irby’s brand Moana Bikini, has become hugely successful with her designs, saying,

“Skimpy cuts do wonders for girls of all sizes and shapes and we think that every girls should feel comfortable in their own skin to rock a skimpy bottom”.

Karina said that her sales numbers show that women prefer the skimpier, Brazilian style cut, “In the last two years, skimpier cuts have really been the norm, and our highest sellers”.

This is good news, as we were wondering when the Brazilian origination of such beachwear fashion, was to take over the whole world. It’s already done now.

Photo Credit: Moana Bikini

Yes seemingly, it already has been done, so with reports of even women in the Midwest of America, also now preferring the more flattering skimpier bottom, than Brian Hyland’s popular idea of the polka dot bikini ever could back in 1960.

Karina Irby said, “It’s happening as more and more girls become comfortable in their own skin and want to flaunt this confidence, which is what a bikini is all about, really”.

You can go buy some of Karina’s designs on her website, directly at Moana Bikini.

This already makes you think of the summer holiday’s and how refreshing that is, amidst the cold weather and recent days of “marching” for the sake of a day-out, with likeminded friends and such…

We bring you the importance of the bikini, which is not to be undermined or misunderstood this morning, whilst hopefully most of you are already getting back at work. More on that story, here.

Women’s rights and even bikini’s have come a long way since 1948 and women can now also choose to wear a ‘Burkini’, although, not in France, apparently, where obviously the inventor of the bikini, Louis Reard, might just feel as if his invention, has been totally defaced in the name of religion.


The Skimpy bikini won the Popular Vote!

Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: KarinaIrby/Instagram

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