Liberal Lunacy Destroys Muslim Immigrant’s Limousine; Owner Faces Possible Bankruptcy

Liberal lunatics more like, deluded idiots, some of whom were paid plenty of money in conjoining with funding from George Soros, to violently protest the post-inauguration of Donald J. Trump, under the guise of a women’s rights protest, also funded by him, with links to 50 groups, to also that of the impressionable sheep and the numerous paid professional criminals that joined in this false protest to wreak criminal damage and carnage.

But, what ironically happened in Washington D.C. was that a limo driver had his limousine car vandalized and also lit on fire. The driver was a Muslim migrant who’s company was owned also by a Muslim migrant, who now faces a bill in excess of $70,000 for the damages and he could now even face bankruptcy. Such is the deluded pretences of the violent protests that have been aimed at trying to swing public opinion over to the establishment’s wish of a Hillary Clinton presidency, yet again. An angry mob dressed in masks, attacked one of Muhammad Ashraf’s limousines and smashed it up, following up with smashing another SUV vehicle and then another limousine, to top it all off, lighting that one on fire, as well.

George Soros. Credit: MemeVault

How much did George Soros lose in the election after backing Hillary Clinton and by starting the fake BLM movement? He lost in excess of $1billion and he is seemingly not stopping his spending anytime soon. George Soros is also behind the various coups across the Middle East in recent years, using social media intelligence agents for uprisings in toppling world leaders in the region. Now, he’s trying to topple the Donald Trump Presidency, with fake protests and fake news. Sore loser! Hillary didn’t win and no matter how many idiots protest in the street, they will be met with a liberal awakening, soon enough.

Some 200 protestors captured after the weekend could face up to ten years in jail. I guess they made those FEMA camps for something, after all.

The driver who did not want to be identified, said, “Everybody in this country has the right to protest and protest is just speaking louder than normal. But, no one has the right to destroy private or public property. If that’s a crime, it has to be punished somehow. I don’t know the laws about how many years or it’s fair or not, but it has to be punished because we have to establish that the law has to be respected.”

Featured Photo Credit: Fox25Boston

Here you can visit his GoFundMe page to help with the loss of the limousine and all the damages, thus far for this hard worker . Please, donate here.

So, in conclusion these supposedly liberally driven, wool over their eyes protestors against Donald Trump, are actually just criminals causing vandalism and are also in fact numptys’, like sheep, following a herd of reckless idiots, that will act surprised when they are locked away, for a very-very long time due to any of their protest activity.

Here’s a closer look at the story from FOX5 in D.C. about the limousine torching in Washington D.C..

The world is brainwashed by mainstream media and as this story shows, these protestors are paid and are actually harming people that they believe they should be protecting in their tiny little heads. Oh yeah, that’s right, half of the protestors have no clue why they are even there, in the first place.

Basically, the world is full of impressionable morons, who continue to be clueless and to be easily controlled and even coerced by evil forces. We feel very sorry for the limo driver and his huge bill. Nice job, morons!


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: Fox25 Boston


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