Shia LaBeouf is The World’s Biggest Moron

In useless Quasi-Celebrity News, up springs the biggest moron of them all, none other than Shia LaBeouf, a talentless mind warped actor with seemingly plenty of mental personality disorders. It’s not surprising that this complete moron got his start on the ‘The Walt Disney Network’, putting him on track for future film stardom in the Transformer’s film franchise. Yes, he was a Disney kid, now with some mental issues. Too many switches, perhaps, have already been switched…

Disney have a history of Monarch programming and MK Ultra to control their stars, throughout their careers, in the case of Shia LaBeouf, his image is now as moronic, as his seemingly real personality disorders are.

Do you remember this picture? Did Shia do something to upset the establishment,? We think so, and ever since he has been made to do silly performance art in hope of gaining attention, as his films’ continue to slump to new lows.

Shia LaBeouf ‘I’m Not Famous Anymore’. He is still grovelling at their feet.

He also did an exhibition where he sat in a room and watched all of his films in the front row and asked people to join him. He was filmed plagiarising a freestyle in front of impressed teenagers and has since claimed to be a good rapper, with these plagiarised rhymes and with no flow to speak of, this was a form of humiliation and on top of that he got a tattoo of Tupac, when it’s all plain to see that Shia understands nothing about that kind of music, whatsoever. Embarrassing!

He claims to be patriotic, but he’s more of an idiot than anything else, here’s him being an idiot, again! His mother must be so proud of his mind split psycho nowadays, with a heavily partioned harddrive.

He is attempting to summon sheep on the daily. Here he is engaging in more idiot behavior with this motivational video, “Just Do It”, which sounds a bit like Nike, doesn’t it? This is almost the best and most creative thing that he has ever done. (Applause)

Being publicly drunk and arrested at Walgreens in Chicago, after numerous drunken visits. He was also arrested on Broadway, drunk, yelling and slapping and grabbing a man’s posterior. Perhaps, his meds and alcohol, just don’t mix together.

When Shia LaBeouf also used the metaphor of seagulls for the press on a “Nymphomaniac” film press conference, which was a total plagiarism from legendary footballer (soccer) Eric Cantona, to make him seem like some sort of important philosopher or wise man. What a joke! This is an actor; he does what other people tell him to do. That’s what he knows, all he knows and the rest of it, is all garbage.

Shia Labeouf tries to Freestyle rap, major fail on Sway in the Morning. What a joke! You totally suck, man..

Also, there was the “I am Sorry” art exhibition in Los Angeles that ran for 5-Days, with people lining up with a chance to meet him, whilst, him being silent and mostly crying throughout, but also claiming to have been physically or sexually abused at the time by somebody. Really? This is how far Shia will go to make it up to the fascist Hollywood elite and we’re still going.

He also recently did a performance art in Sydney, that nobody cared about and followed up a couple days ago, with doing more useless sheep herding in an apparent performance art, yelling “He will not divide us” in reference to Donald Trump. Looking at this ridiculous race-baiting project with objective eyes, you would still see a social conditioning experiment alongside that other warped kid, Jaden Smith, who has been quoted saying many “looney” things, over the years. Here’s one of our personal favorite Jaden Smith quotes, “How can mirrors be real, if my eyes aren’t real?”

We rest our case, but is grandiose delusions and mentall illness on the rise, in Hollywood circles and even across the country?

What Shia and Jaden are trying to be here, is to be smart and to create an image to push this globalist “Illuminati” agenda, whilst, they summon the sheep that are dumb enough to play along with this so-called performance art. That it will lead to “lambs to the slaughter” in the end, is presumably what will happen…

Rebelling for no reason, will no doubt get you locked up, with enough dumb sheep willing to protest for nothing, of course, the Military Industrial Complex and Prison Industrial Complex will happily be there, to lock you up, with open arms.

But, they said it was Shia screaming at a White Supremacist, pffff, it looked more like an actors performance art, alongside another actor. So don’t buy into these lies, people….

What’s worrying is all the dumb people in the background, participating. Shia Le Barf, watch this video, instead for even better coverage….

“He will not divide us” he yells. Whilst, it’s abhorrently clear that morons make up the most of sore loser liberals, that do all the dividing, labelling and showing the classic notion of “lunatic liberals” and “liberal intolerance”.  Shameful!

Donald Trump is your president and the further detached from reality you get, the more likely you will end up in some very big trouble for your divisive ways, such as saying “He Will Not Divide Us”.

Talk about a “Nazi”- esque performance art from Shia LaBeouf…

What a moron he is and it’s sad to see how Illuminati agenda, have banished him and now the MK ultra and monarch programming is making him into a great pawn of astronomical proportions; for their goal of stirring up more brainwashing against Donald Trump.

Another embarrassment of Shia LaBeouf is him trying to make good on his long list of establishment mistakes, that he seemingly still has to pay for, in acting like a lunatic with a chance of a perhaps a decent film coming along someday, in the near future. Game is up, Shia…You’re a moron!

Or another film pay check, but what he seemingly needs is a shave and to shower more often, and to also be placed under some form of mental care.

He has the traits of a psychotic dictator for all the morons, indeed. Can we now stop hearing about this moron, please? Somebody put him out of his misery already…. Or put him in some meaningless romantic comedies to sort his brain out, would ‘ya?


Shia is still grovelling at their feet. The feet of “THEY”. Sad.


  <Story by The Narrator>

Featured Photo Credit: NYMAG

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