The Oldest Profession Gets a New Name: “Professional Dater”

With so much interesting news out in the atmosphere today, we felt that we needed to analyze one of the absolute gems of today’s personal interest stories; by reviewing the notion of a new term, called a “Professional Dater”. This brings us to the story of Marcia Favre of New York City, living in a cutthroat dating pool, where only the winners “win” in the big apple, that never ever sleeps. Or not? Let’s take a closer look, shall we? As Marcia Favre, 33, has sincerely already peaked our interest with this new job of hers’; that she’s been doing lately because she’s a struggling singer & songwriter.

Marcia Favre. Photo Credit: DailyMailOnline

Marcia Favre says that she has earned $9,000 on the side, as a side hustle by being a “professional dater”, where she meets up with men and drinks champagne with them in bars and gets paid for it. She calls it, being a “professional dater” and we were immediately taken by the phrase and definitely we needed to find out more. “Intrigued” was the word, you could say? Or how does she do it? You may even ask..

Marcia claims to make $150-$300 a pop, whatever that means? And, on one really lucrative date, she had earned a cool $1,500 for just meeting a man for a drink in a bar for 30minutes. Nice work, that was quick…We’re pretty sure that that one was probably inside a hotel bar, “but hey”, you never know? So, let’s forget her by the pop rates, just for a minute, but also remember that $150-$300, sounds suspiciously similar to the market rates for a brief encounter in other similar professions, where as the latter, truly does sound like more of an overnight visit, doesn’t it? For $1,500?

However, Marcia insists that she offers her services with a “No Sex” policy and you’d never believe it, she’s also in a long term committed relationship.

As for women’s right’s these days, in many relationships it seems like some “men” have lost their rights entirely or even the brain to form their own thinking nowadays, as well as losing their nuts or their manhood, as is very evident with this story. Or is it a clever way of making extra cash?

But, with an open mind, it does seem like a pretty good business model and her boyfriend, Joseph King, 40, doesn’t mind it at all, as he genuinely does believe that men will pay a woman to only sit and drink champagne with them in a bar, for a little while.

Marcia Favre and Joseph King. PhotoCredit: DailyMailOnline

Hmm, Joe? Really? Umkay…I’m glad you’ve been living so protected throughout your years…But, in essence this could all be true.

Marcia said, “When I first told him, he kind of chuckled. He was like: “Are you serious? People actually pay you to have drinks and dinner?” I said: “Yeah they do” and he kind of laughed.

So, did we, when we read this story. We chuckled and we laughed about how this guy “Joe”, has obviously never ever seemingly left the block before and he must be hugely misinformed, if he believes in that story that his girlfriend has told him.

This is either the sign of a really “p*ssy whipped” man, if there ever was one, or a genuine “Super freak” and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being either of them? But, to think that men would pay $1,500 for a date, for nothing, then he must not be a “man” himself.

As eventually, this business model of hers, wouldn’t work at all, right? There wouldn’t be any longevity in her trade, as a “professional dater”. Supply and demand, basic economics etc.

Joseph of New York City, said, “There have been a lot of other things that I have done as a musician in New York City to make a living. I mean you gotta’ be creative, you know.’And so I realised that she’s going out to have drinks with men who are willing to pay her, so now she has money to take me out for drinks. So, I’m totally fine with it!’

Well said Joe, but consider that she’s not taking all-that money home for “free”, at least not with the very competitive rates of $150-$300, upwards to $1,500 in cash for just some time spent, drinking a drink. Nothing in life is free “Joe”, nothing except for the money Marcia spends on you for sticking with her, whilst she pursues a perfectly acceptable sideline of income.

Instagram: MarciaFavre

But we commend you for keeping a straight face and supporting this new profitable sideline, with a “No Sex” policy, aha…hmm? Okay…

As if you would want to hear the details? Maybe, you would or you wouldn’t, but let’s make one thing clear to “Joe”, which is that, that’s not really how the game works out, in the end.

They have been in a relationship for ten years and now things are starting to make more sense. In fact, we would condone professional dating to anyone feeling the urge in their long-term relationships, to have some excitement, some extra cash and at least perhaps some time away from each other. But, if that is not your current relationship status or stage, then this wouldn’t be the “Proffesional Dating” life for you.

Marcia said, “I literally show up, have a drink, talk about nothing and get paid. It’s pretty easy money, it really is.”

Marcia said that her kept-man Joseph doesn’t need to worry about losing her, and added, “I don’t really have respect for anyone that would pay me to go out with him. I could totally never fall in love like this. Never. The worst date I went on was with this guy who was super short. I couldn’t find him. He was sitting on this stool and when he got off he was even shorter than me. He was a drag and so boring.”

That was just one of the dates…But, she goes on others and also received expensive gifts and plane tickets, bonuses and backstage passes to concerts, etc.

But, Joe shouldn’t have to worry or care, because she says there’s a “No Sex” policy. Marcia told the Daily Mail, “Once I was in LA and I called one of my ‘friends’ up and I am like: ‘Hey, I need some shopping money.’ So, he wired me a $1000.’

Instagram: MarciaFavre

Free cash, just like that? Golly, I wonder how that works? But, “Joe” doesn’t worry; she has a “No Sex” policy, which could mean nothing and anything, that you would ever “dream” it to mean.

But Marcia claims, “I think escorting is more of the girl hangs out with the guy, it’s like arm candy. That is something that I am totally not interested in. Some men wanna’ have dinner and that’s something I’m not interested in because I don’t want to waste time.”

She added, “I try to make it quick meets in bars – a glass or two of Champagne or a whisky – and then I dash out the door. I try to rush the ‘interview‘ so that I don’t have to stay for too long. It feels like an interview – that’s why I call it that. I have never been approached about sex. Never. I never let them feel familiar with me. The most indecent proposal that I ever had, was a guy asking me to Vegas for the weekend. I thought hell no!” What was the interview about, Marcia? Marcia a singer and songwriter, has started her typical “No Sex” policy escapades on:

Which sounds like “The Price is Right” that once famous TV show, but this is something for the new age of social media, entirely. We presume it’s a place where people name their price, perhaps? And, with all this talk about women not having any rights, is just crazy-lunacy when you find these sorts of websites being pushed into the public consciousness, right?

Marcia found the website, after regular dating wasn’t enough, as it didn’t pay her bills. But, we thought she said she was with Joseph for ten years, already?

Anyways, Marcia said, “I’d been on a dating site before and had a lot of people writing to me and I thought I should get paid for this and so I saw about what’s your price. Typically I deal with older men, like older, rich people with grey hair and the whole old look.”

Then the truth came out a little bit, Joseph told Martha Cliff DailyMailOnline,

“’I wouldn’t ask her to stop. It’s fine. It doesn’t cause any problem between us. She makes very good money doing it. The more drinks she has with men that are paying for her, the nicer dinners that I get to go out to. ‘I mean would I rather she not do it? Of course. I wish we were independently wealthy and flying around the world and taking vacations instead of doing what we have to do for money, but you know, it is what it is.’

Finally a dose of reality, where “Joe” makes it quite clear that this whole “No Sex” policy might mean, not “this and that”, but “this and this”, or “whateveryoumaycallit”, or something?

Marcia has even gone as far as recommending the whole profession to her mother, after claiming to earn $1,500 in a week after just having a glass of champagne or two.

“It’s a great hustle; it’s a great way to make money. I think it’s brilliant.” said Marcia, who denies ever having any form of sex whilst on her dates…

To the untrained eye, this might sound like some sort of a new miracle way to get paid to drink champagne in bars, for absolutely nothing, with the sole ticking of the clock as your money lender, but maybe, it really is all true? So, why don’t you just go and sign up on:

And, find out…..Will you sign up? Let’s be real. Brainstain, over and out.

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