Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Documentary Set For Release; All Secrets to Be Revealed

Canadian Investigative Journalist, Ian Halperin is making a documentary film about the real reasons why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce. This project follows on from his Michael Jackson biography novels of  ‘Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson’ and “Kardashian Dynasty”  but with this new Pitt-Jolie film, the 52-year-old is set to unveil a lot of unknown secrets behind the divorce.

The biggest revelation of the film is said to be the notion that Brad and Angelina were sort of apart for more than a year, before they actually broke-up. A source told The Sun, “This is the definitive film about Brangelina and a lot of secrets are going to come out”.

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Plus, the source added, “Ian has covered every cough and spit of their relationship and will reveal the real reasons behind Angelina filing for divorce”

Brad Pitt, 53 and Angelina Jolie, 41, have been involved in a bitter divorce since the end of September 2016 and the documentary film has already been described as the last thing that the couple need at this time.

With Angelina Jolie accusing Brad Pitt of physical abuse and having him investigated by the FBI after an apparent disagreement with a 15-year-old boy, Maddox, aboard an airplane to Paris, to those investigations being scrapped very rapidly by the Federal Bureau Investigation in late November 2016, because there was no viable truth in the investigations even continuing. So, this has thrown a fork into Angelina’s plans of full custody and she is now more looking towards shared custody with Brad Pitt, in all fairness.

Brad Pitt has been feeling better in recent days as he has been allowed to see more of his children, Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 10, and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

A source close to Brad, revealed, “He seems to have a more positive outlook. Things seem much better now. He can spend more time with them. He seems much happier. He has missed his kids terribly. The kids are his whole world. It’s all he cares about”.

So, Angelina’s tactics have backfired a bit and seemingly a balance has now been restored. William Hague’s former advisors, Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton, who were hired by Angelina Jolie as personal advisors, in part being rumored to be trying to mold a role for Angelina Jolie within The United Nations, this seemingly drove a massive wedge into their marriage. This is what we believe that Ian Halperin’s documentary will also reveal and that is the showing of how Ms. Helic and Ms. Dalton’s advice, may have ultimately alienated Brad Pitt.

The way there were back in 2006 ,at Ocean’s Thirteen event. © Starstock |

The insider said: ‘Brad is willing to work with Angie so they can have peace for the kids. What it ultimately comes down to is that he just wants to be with the kids.’

“Yes” and there you have it. He only wants to see his kids now and it will be interesting to find out what else this documentary will reveal. All eyes on Angelina and also Brad, a bit. The couple released a statement obtained by the Daily Mail, earlier this month, “The parties and their counsel have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children and family by keeping all court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues.”

Currently, Brad has only been allowed supervised visits and only just a couple of times. He didn’t see the kids on Thanksgiving or on Christmas, and understandably he has missed his kids.

However, now that these investigations and allegations about Brad Pitt being effectively thrown out, which was nothing more than a smear campaign (by the way), re-negotiations to the terms of their split with in regard to the children, will soon be ironed out, putting Brad in a more favorable position.

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Brad Pitt filed documents last month that accused the actress of compromising the privacy of their children. He claimed in court documents that Jolie ‘appears to be determined to ignore even agreed upon standards relating to the children’s best interest, and … is attempting to clear the way to put in the public eye any allegations she can, without regard to the impact on the minor children.’

Angelina responded in court documents that he’s ‘terrified that the public will learn the truth’ about his behavior behind closed doors. Her court documents, continued:

There is little doubt that [Brad] would prefer to keep the entire case private, particularly given the detailed investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dept. of Children and Family Services into allegation of abuse,’ the actress said in court docs’

Angelina maintains as is stated by her, in the court documents, ‘There is little doubt that [Brad] would prefer to keep the entire case private, particularly given the detailed investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Dept. of Children and Family Services into allegation of abuse,’ the actress said in court docs.’

There you have it, Brad Pitt is gaining some balance after the initial political smear campaign against him, but Angelina still insists that he’s been a bad father in the court documents sent to him. Hmmm?

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The plot thickens and with this new documentary from Ian Halperin coming out soon, we wonder what his angle will be? No doubt, this documentary should spark a lot of interest, as they were the golden “Hollywood Couple” for quite some time. Divorce happens, that’s life, it’s how you deal and behave during the divorce which also counts for something.

The new doc film by best selling author Ian Halperin is called “Broken: The Incredible Story of Brangelina’ which will be aired on TV later this year, after world rights were recently acquired by Content Media Corporation.

With Brad Pitt’s appearance to a standing ovation by onlookers at The Golden Globes is sure to have made Angelina Jolie nervous and she may be looking for a truce of some kind.

Also, with The United Nations role that was rumored to be planned for Angelina, it may now be coming into question, with all the other questions surrounding ‘The United Nations’ in this new political climate.

But, more importantly, with this exciting new documentary on the way, there’s sure to be a whole lot more drama, yet to come.


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