Madonna to Adopt Twins from Malawi

After Madonna’s post-Inaugural antics in protesting Donald Trump at the so-called “women’s” protests, saying that she had thought a lot about blowing up the White House in front of an impressionable crowd of young people, which also garnered her a visit from the US Secret Service, well, what on earth, did she do next?

As reported earlier in the week, Madonna was spotted in Malawi, right after her questioning by the U.S. Secret Service and she denied that she was there for adopting any further children, but rather just to follow up on her charitable efforts in the region. Madonna famously adopted two children from there, so far, a son named David, and a daughter named, Mercy.

However, today it was revealed that Madonna is adopting Malawi twins, called Stella and Esther, who are both four years old from an orphanage near the capital of Lilongwe .

Madonna in Malawi, 2008. Photo Credit: AFP/GettyImages-Daily Mail.

Quite a U-turn after the weekends events to suddenly just go and adopt two more children, you might say? But, in retrospect why not? If that’s what Madonna wants to do, so be it. Better that, than continue to act without reason and nearly committing treason by inciting hatred and violent talk at a rally.

So, after threatening to blow up the White House, she now adopts two more Malawi children. This could be a statement of some kind.

Friend or former friend of Madonna, Sacha Baron Cohen in 2009, poked fun at the seeming trend of adopting babies from Africa, with his TV Presenter Personality “Bruno”, in the film, “Bruno” back in 2009.

He goes one further in the film, with this mockumentary film by even  staging daytime talk show scene in the U.S., with this often popular comedy angle of fooling the audience into believing that his characters are real. Pushing the political correctness comedy model to the brink.

Back to Madonna now, she has filed an application with the High Court in Malawi, to adopt the twin girls. A source there, said,“All the necessary paperwork is before the High Court and they will make the ultimate decision if the adoption can go ahead.”

Madonna was spotted at the High Court and that’s when the news starting coming out, but she responded to US Magazine, saying, “The rumors of an adoption process are untrue.”

Madonna stated, “I am in Malawi to check on the children’s hospital in Blantyre and my other work with Raising Malawi and then heading home.”

However, government sources claim Madonna has applied to adopt the two girls from an orphanage and the vetting process may take up to 3 months.

History repeating itself? Madonna pictured here leaving the High court in 2009. Photo Credit: MichellyRaklGetty Images

Ms Bandazi from Lilongwe, said “ We will look at her financial situation and her social situation. There will be a lot of factors that are taken into consideration.  Just because she is famous it does not mean procedures will be overlooked. The judge will take into consideration all her social factors, such as where she will live and where the children will be brought up.”

The case of the adoption now sits in the High Court and a judge will make a decision on its success in the near future.

All in a weeks work for Madonna, protest and arguably inciting both hatred and plausible chaos, then just jet off to Malawi to adopt two more children. Cyndi Lauper even came out yesterday and slated Madonna for her behaviour at the so-called “women’s” protests?


Who can deny her humanitarian efforts now?

They will surely be lucky to be adopted by Madonna.

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Featured Photo Credit: WashingtonPost

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