Shia LaBeouf Arrested for Assault

Shia LaBeouf has been live-streaming a Donald Trump protest called ‘He Will Not Divide Us’, since inauguration day. On Wednesday night in Queens, NY, he was finally arrested for an assault charge, because he had grabbed a participant at the Museum of Moving Image in an apparent physical argument. More details are still yet to come, but let’s hope he spends time in jail.

This is good news and we hope he gets a maximum charge for this assault and for creating social upheaval or just simply lock him up and then throw away the key.

Never have we seen such systematic brainwashing by the elitist machine than this social conditioning experiment on a live stream under the guise of “he will not divide us”, when it’s clear who is doing all the dividing here.

Hilarious idiocy! It’s none other than Shia LaBeouf himself, a thirty year old deluded “Hollywood kid” from the Disney Monarch programming vaults, conjuring institutionalised zombies with his “attention whore” & “megalomanic” tactics of spreading divisiveness across America. A crime you might say. That’s a crime, for sure..

He’s a world-class douche, a dunce and a moron of epic proportions, please put him out of his misery and leave him in jail.

We really hope they lock him up and throw away the key, sincerely “sayonara” to this idiot. Hopefully, he will be charged for some short and very hard time, this time? How many lucky breaks does this idiot guy, really get? How many arrests is enough for this shamed Puppet?  But, maybe we should feel sorry for him, for being under Mind Control. Pffff. Shut down this trash!

He is spreading division! In the words of Queen’s native MC, BIG L, “I’m Fed Up With that B*llshit”. Maybe, they can hit more control switches on LaBeouf soon and watch him transform to something else? Of course, they will need to re-program him altogether, send him back to your rehab clinic.


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Nice Mugshot of Tears. Perfect.

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