Former Teen Star, Mischa Barton, Was Found Yelling on Top of Her Backyard Fence

Former actress, Mischa Barton from that old TV show  ‘The OC’, celebrated her birthday on the 24th of January and a couple of days later she was found atop her backyard fence, as neighbors called the police in West Hollywood, due to her yelling loudly. The newly 31-year-old actress was screaming about a “shattering world” and that her mother was a “witch” and something about ‘Ziggy Stardust‘, the name of her dog, not David Bowie, people have gathered thus far…

Mischa was wearing a men’s shirt and tie, as she looked mischievous and yelled before neighbours phoned the police and she was then taken in for a mental health assessment on Thursday morning, as reported by TMZ.

Mischa Barton, looking mischievous here. Photo Credit: TMZ

She voluntarily agreed to the assessment and left her West Hollywood home in the early AM. What’s going on here? Is it just a two-day birthday bender, gone too far? We suspect psychedelics and probably, she just “took too much, too much”, as Doctor Gonzo would say…

Or is there something much more sinister at play here, because you know, Hollywood and stuff? Or is Mischa Barton genuinely mentally ill? Either way, we hope that she’s now feeling better and that all will be okay in the end. We suspect a sort of mental breakdown, brought on by a psychedelic trip of some kind.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that she may have taken some psychedelic trip and maybe she had just taken too much of it?

However, back in 2009, the British born actress sought medical attention after a tooth infection, and was sectioned for two weeks under a ‘5150’ code for sort of ‘crazy’ in California Law, after fighting a nurse about subsequent needle injections.

Mischa Barton in clear distress. Photo Credit: TMZ

Never fight with your dentist or dentist’s nurse, as healthy teeth is next to “godliness”, otherwise, you’ll be in a world full of pain or even worse, get sectioned for fighting against your nurse.

Unless of course, you have a lousy dentist, which could then be getting even worse, than first feared.

Add to this, Mischa’s quite public disagreements with her own mother, Nuala, over the past few years. Her mother used to be her talent manager, but Mischa often questioned where some of her money went, with Mischa calling her own mother, a “greedy talent manager”. Plus, also with further disagreements with her mother over her $7million LA home, which is still on the market, after six years. Reportedly, the sale of the house could and should alleviate some of Mischa’s financial woes? But, it’s already been on the market for six years and she continues to be at odds with her mother, Nuala, who she has just identified as a “witch”.

Mischa Barton, yelled “She’s a Witch!”. Photo Credit: TMZ

In between, filing lawsuits against her own mother and having problems with a landlord in NYC, in not paying rent in 2010, plus, yelling from the top of her own backyard fence now, we start to wonder what happened to the young girl that had risen to fame, after that short cameo in ‘The Sixth Sense’. After that, she solidified her presence with ‘The OC’, however, perhaps leaving the show way too early? Since then, Mischa has not been able to reciprocate that early success.

This was a big career mistake and we wonder if her mother had anything to do with it? Who knows? Mischa later moved back to London, where she spent some time, but obviously she’s still affiliated to Los Angeles, where she moved to when she was just 5-years-old, to become an actress. No doubt, her mother was fully supporting her in that dream of her’s.

All we can hope now is that Mischa Barton gets better and that she will be released some time soon.

Perhaps, she just needs the right film role, to bring her back into the limelight for the right reasons, again? Or she really needs to get away from her mother, ASAP? Or she just needs a new boyfriend? Let’s see what happens.


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Featured Photo Credit: TMZ


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