Jamiroquai – Automaton: Jay Kay’s Big Comeback

It’s been over seven years since Jamiroquai (Jay Kay) released any music and this past week, they released the single ‘Automaton’ ahead of the full album release of the same name, on March 31st, 2017.

Let’s just say that we are excited for an album to come out, that would potentially “make music great again”. Judging by the single, this could very much be the case with ‘Automaton’, pre-order on vinyl here.

Trust Jay Kay, the eccentric, super mysterious, multi-millionaire with more Ferrari’s than Lil’ Wayne and Chris Brown put together by a mile, with more style, rhythm, dance moves and pure talent, than any other competition out there, with admittedly nobody even coming near his level, it’s great to see him coming back with another album.

So, it’s a joy to share this great new single, with lyrics, like “I’m an ice cold man” and “I’m so tough, can’t you see me running”, with a haunting futuristic landscape of sound, that makes you want to hit the dance floor of some amazing club, skiing on some mellow party vibes and general debauchery. The chorus is also very-eighties inspired, which is sure to bring in a multitude of fans and get it ready for radio airplay. Let’s take a closer look at the music video, with a sense of loathing of the future and shades of symbolism for a Virtual Reality (VR) apocalypse is near.


We definitely want one of those Jamiroquai “VR” helmets, so that we can also escape this modern day reality of everything that’s going on, right now. Perhaps, use it to transport into a real party of some kind, let’s be honest, the sense of party and fun needs to come back, as well.

The album will have Twelve tracks, plus one hidden bonus track and we can’t wait for this genius to unleash some refreshing new tunes on the music industry. Let’s be honest, popular music has been garbage for years, with Establishment artists everywhere since 1997, so can a legend like Jamiroquai, “make music great again?” We certainly hope so and here’s the track list:

1.“Shake It On”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson5:14
2.“Automaton”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson4:47
3.“Cloud 9”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson3:56
4.“Superfresh”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson3:48
5.“Hot Property”4:31
6.“Something About You”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson3:58
7.“Summer Girl”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson5:31
8.“Nights Out in the Jungle”Jay Kay5:09
9.“Dr Buzz”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson6:01
10.“We Can Do It”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson4:06
11.“Vitamin”Jay Kay, Matt Johnson4:26
 Jamiroquai – Automaton 

You can buy the single, “Automaton” here, which was just released this weekend. We will definitely be buying the album this coming March and we will no doubt use it to supplement our summer time. The single is now already in our iTunes.

It’s definitely refreshing to see the very few and real artists from the 1990’s to come back and give music some much-needed expertise of music, right now.

Salute to the legend Jay-Kay, who was often times confused with a young, Stevie Wonder, with his soulful voice when ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ was first released back in 1993. Since then, Jamiroquai have sold more than 26million albums worldwide.


One word, “Legend!”

Buy, Pre-Order ‘Automaton’ here.

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Featured Photo Credit: JamiroquaiVevo


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