Ocean’s 8 Female Spin-Off is in Production; New Still Released

The vast amount of re-makes and spin-off films that Hollywood produces nowadays in order to just reel in the momentary cinema goers; is quite astounding, with the news of another spin-off called Ocean’s 8 from the original Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13 coming out today with a film still, which was of course, also a remake from the 1960 film, but done in the year of 2001, minus Frank Sinatra. Still with us? Yes, even after the “Luke Warm” reviews of ‘Ghostbusters’ released last year, with a female cast, now they’re doing Ocean’s 8 with Cate Blanchet, Sandra Bullock and Anne Hathaway. The difference is that this time, because of how boring George Clooney’s ‘Ocean’s Trilogy’ films really were, watching Ocean’s 8, could be nothing more than a total improvement on the previous.

As if they couldn’t pick a worse film series to spin a new movie off from? But, we absolutely commend them for doing a female version of it, as we’d much rather see a female cast with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter, Dakota Fanning, Katie Holmes,  Rihanna and seeming cameo appearances by James Corden, and even Kim Kardashian.

How is this going to be better than George Clooney’s snore fest trilogy of films of the “Ocean” variety? Simple, there’s definitive potential in this cast of the new spin-off which might even put George Clooney’s legacy to shame, alongside a Brad Pitt, who seemingly had to be eating something in every damn scene.

So, of course, this comes as welcome news for a fresh attempt to spin-off and rectify the Ocean’s 11,12,13 disasters, which starred Geroge Clooney. We think the best part of ‘Ocean’s 11’, was probably the birth of the ‘Bellagio Hotel‘ rising to popularity in Las Vegas in the early 2000’s; not the film itself. We’re absolutely sure that many people will agree with us.

This does look a lot more interesting than Ocean’s 11, that’s for sure. But, what’s Mindy Kaling doing in there? For a joke, we suppose…Photo Credit: Variety

Matt Damon is said to be in the film, which will help retain its connection to the previous trilogy and in all fairness Matt Damon did a great job in those films.

So, will Sandra Bullock play George Clooney and Cate Blanchett reprise the role of Brad Pitt’s character? One thing that would be interesting to see is if Cate Blanchett will really eat in every scene, as she looks like she could really add a bit of meat onto those bones.

And, what of Rihanna aka Riri? Will this be her time to shine as an actress after getting a start in ‘Battleship’, which may have been a spin-off of the popular board game? There’s the link, but we cannot be sure, as we’re still thinking about that one and it was a very forgettable film, to say the least. But hopefully, Rihanna will get a juicy part in this new spin-off film, which is said to be about an attempt to pull off the heist of the century at New York City’s star-studded annual Met Gala.

There you have it, no Las Vegas, but Sandra Bullock will be playing “Debbie Ocean” and is presumably related to “Danny Ocean”, Clooney’s sister, that’s what we are predicting.

This film is slated for release in June 2018, so there’s a long while yet to just wait around, but surely this comes as welcome news, with yet another spin-off, but this time with a female cast.

It definitely cannot be worse than watching George Clooney being completely boring in those three previous “Ocean” films, which are after all, a spin-off based on the same series. It’s really down to the screenwriter, at this point.

We welcome this news (girl power!) and please outdo and improve upon George Clooney’s sleep-a-thon of the “Ocean’s Trilogy“.


Brainstain, over and out!

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Featured Photo Credit: DarkHorizons

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