Reality TV: ‘America’s Next Top Prostitute’ is Set for TV Deal

Just when you thought that the glory days of reality television were well and truly over, there’s been an incoming surge or revival if you will; of tasteless and downright politically incorrect programs set to be released on TV or even Online, in the coming months. Let’s begin with this first one from Russia, which is said to be a real life ‘Hunger Games’, where contestants may even die in the frozen pastures of the Siberian wilderness or even be allowed to go as far as killing each other. But, wait you have to pay to qualify. Read it here.

Then there was ‘Dating Naked’ first released in 2014, a TV show that is so terrible that you’d never want to watch it, let alone skip past the channel, until now that is, since we have now just mentioned it.

Yes, seemingly anything goes in this new climate of “off-the-wall” television, apparently?

Naked and Afraid’ is another one of those naked survivor reality shows, which pushed the naked envelope to nobody’s enjoyment, whatsoever. Who’s really watching these TV programs? Why are they naked?

Then we had heard stories of the XHamster online reality show, ‘The Sex Factor’, which is really a real thing, where people compete for the coveted prize of $1million in becoming the next big porn star. True story…

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Which brings us to the rumors of the long awaited, ‘America’s Next Top Prostitute’ show, where the best professionals across the world, meet, greet and compete for an exclusive Escort Agency contract worth $500,000; plus a secret client access list to some of the ‘World’s Elite Players’ in finance, politics, sports, media and also in the bored wealthy husbands category. Quite a prize for those that make it to the end, so let’s get some more information on this soon to be released show.

The pilot is catching fire amongst major TV networks in the U.S.A, as a bidding war of locking down this fresh and prosperous new show, has already begun. The proposed TV show might even run for more cycles than ‘America’s Next Top Model’, pending any copyright issues with the name, if it is being at all similar to the ‘Next Top Model’ show, which still remains to be seen. But, the Top Model show had been under much critique and was since cancelled by CW, but of course, VH1 snapped up the ‘America’s Next Top Model’ franchise already and it is now being hosted by Rita Ora. Read here. We are also very much look forward to watching this new show, as we haven’t seen it yet.

But, let’s get back to the matter at hand, with ANTP, it might just be the new thing as the ANTM (Top Model) ratings have been slipping away, with critique of many “cringeworthy” moments in the original series and with this new one, ‘Cycle 23′, there’s even talks of it being one of the last seasons’ even in its first season, with VH1, please read here.

So, with America’s Next Top Prostitute on the horizon, will it be breathing new life into the failing contestant format? One thing is for sure and that is that it would be something that’s never been seen or ever done before, something totally different, even if it still is the world’s oldest profession. But so, who will host America’s Next Top Prostitute?

Inside sources tell us, that Charlie Sheen has already signed up to be on the panel of ANTP judges, which will see 22 Contestants competing for the coveted title of America’s Next Top Prostitute, a cash prize and a contract with a High Profile Escort agency. Some rumors even suggest that Heidi Fleiss might be one of the Executive Producer’s for the show.

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That’s some grand old news, with much debate already circling around the apparent negotiations of how the format will include professionals from across the world, because of the political climate on immigration laws in just this past week, proving not to be a stumbling block, but sort of a code of ethics, if you will? For the planned and proposed audience demographic of the show, which now wants to see everybody very much welcomed, from all walks of life.

Luckily, there’s still more time for contestants to apply and a list of countries that qualify for the submission has been released.

An inside source was caught smoking a cigar, whilst on a break from discussing the imminent deal and he told us, “We want to bring in a multicultural aspect to the show and also bring an all inclusive landscape to the format, once again proving that we are all one world and that we do not discriminate, against anybody. Watch this space. You heard it here, first!”

Well, “animated” he was and his gold chain was truly glistening, as well.

So, here’s some countries that have already confirmed their participation in the ANTP with “Professional Applications” already coming in from everywhere, even as far away as Thailand, Russia, Myanmar, Ukraine, Great Britain, Brazil, Poland, Sunset Boulevard (CA), Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Sunset Strip (NV), France and also Holland (where it’s already legal), so this should make for a great TV show, even if it just runs on some Cable network, in the end. It’s going to be very competitive and a true search for the “Top Contestant” and “Winner” from around the world, come the end of the show.

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A TV big-whig Executive, told us, “The timing is right, given the seeming lack of rules for TV shows these days, and so this show will make somebody incredibly rich.”

There you have it, the creators of the show are keeping their names under wraps for now though, whilst the deal is still being ironed out and the general stock of ‘Worldwide International Pimps’ are gently sliding into the Reality TV industry, as we speak. On top of this, they are also set for a humongous pay rise. The recent worldwide demand for such professional jobs has even seen a recent upward spike over the past 48 hours alone, upon the news of this new show coming to fruition, over the next week.

Some leaked information of the format ‘Challenges’ that these Female contestants might face, are rumored to be the following,

How to deal with a “Drunk Client”, “What to do when the Blow Runs Out”, “What if he’s already loaded with Viagra” and also the inevitable debacle of a cashless society and being prepared of the dangers of  “Card Payments”.

The rest of the show’s format will be a complete surprise and let’s keep our eyes and ears open for the imminent news of the sale of this great new reality show idea.

Which TV or Cable network or even online on demand business service, will snap up this new and original TV show? Only time will tell, as they say…


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