Akon Says Trump is “Courageous” and calls out ‘Impressionable People’

Renowned singer, artist and philanthropist Akon, who’s heritage is from Senegal, but he’s born in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A, has come out with some commentary on the current situation of impressionable people and their apparent daily hysteria over President, Donald Trump. On top of that, Akon is also a Muslim and he’s seen defending Donald Trump here in this official TMZ video, which might indeed indicate that he’s a logical closet supporter of the now 45th President of The United States of America. So, we listened to his commentary and we partly agreed, but since he missed out on the obvious explanations behind a lot of what he said, we decided to decipher his words, in depth. As we don’t think he’d be allowed to say everything, in any case, so we will tell it like it is, as always…

But, which side is he really on? He has been quiet on the music front of late, but he did also do this jam with Michael Jackson, a man who had lots of trouble with the establishment. So, we have some time for Akon (respect) and we wanted to share his video comments via TMZ.

Here watch the video clip below in full and take it from Akon himself, in an attempt to make people wake up, even just a tiny bit. And, we will now help him, to breakdown his message or at least decipher the very apparent holes in his whole argument.

What Akon said, “It’s almost like you have to treat politics, like how you treat your children. There’s a lot of information that they just don’t need to know and I also think Obama was very good at that”.

Yes, Obama did a lot of unspeakable things, that his supporters are clueless about, since the mainstream media never covered those events. Anyway, let’s analyze Akon’s commentary…

Our explanation: What he’s really saying is that there’s so many clueless people out there (children) with totally impressionable minds, that it be better if Donald Trump didn’t publicize his daily actions. Well Akon, as you know, the reason for that is because the mainstream media are all against Donald Trump and they keep manipulating news to cause uproar within the clueless minds of the very impressionable people, who are brainwashed by the same “Fake News” sources that court them.

Let’s reminisce about the fake news stories of Russian hacking to justify Hillary Clinton’s loss or how about the fake 30 page dossier which was written by an MI6 spy from Surrey, UK, then later released by Buzzfeed and CNN, about how Donald Trump had asked Russian prostitutes to piss on a hotel bed, just because the Obama family had once reportedly slept in that suite or on that bed. Just how fake and ridiculous is that! A total scandal of fake news!

The rightful 45th President of the U.S.A. Donald J. Trump. Image Credit: Heblo – Pixabay

This of course, also ties in with the presence of paid protestors for everything against Trump, who are funded by the real former “Nazi”, George Soros, who killed his own people, many “Jews”, who was also the huge backer of Hillary Clinton and not to mention, the funder of all the coups in the Middle East over the last six years. Fact! Wake up, people!

This is what Donald Trump is up against and this is why he has to directly communicate with his supporters, in order to by-pass the corrupt establishment media, so in our view all the clueless and uniformed people can continue to cry like little babies.

Let’s take a closer at CNN, for example, the network that has turned into a left wing, socialist & communist propaganda news source, which Donald Trump and his back-room staff continuously have to override with their own communications directly with the public. They have done this via Facebook live and with Twitter and even with official mainstream news appearances from the likes of Kellyanne Conway (watch this), plus also with Sean Spicer who is sticking up for the Trump team and its supporters every day; in communicating with completely biased establishment news media publications and letting out the accurate news directly from ‘Team Trump’. Bless him.

This is why Donald Trump cannot let the impressionable people only believe in the fake and biased news sources, plus he’s making much needed changes very quickly, as he had promised in his campaign. He’s probably the only President that has set out to correct so many major problems that America has had for such a long time, in only 11 days into his Presidency. He’s a genius, you could say and he doesn’t want people to know everything and he isn’t giving out too much information, but he’s simply doing what he has to do, to counter the lying mainstream news coverage on him.

Every day there’s more and more propaganda and fake news stories and smear campaigns that are set out to stop him…So Akon, hopefully that answers your question, but we know that you already knew that, anyways…

Here’s a wonderful dose of truth from Kellyanne Conway down below, in case you missed it, from her CNBC appearance just yesterday, talking about the Immigration stoppage from the 7 countries that are on the terrorist danger watch list, which helps to reiterate the point that we are ultimately making here.

Akon said “One thing about Trump, I respect him. I honestly believe that he’s probably the most courageous president that ever hit the office, but at the same time, I also believe that, if you gonna’ be a strong leader you also have to be compassionate and you have to think about the people’s well being and the process of as your doing things because it’s one thing to be tough, but everybody knows a bully, one day will be taken down and it’s just a matter of time and we don’t want our President to be looked at as a bully”

Image Credit: jorgophotography – pixabay

Now to decipher Akon’s statement up above, which is more of the same, apart from that Akon is using the word “bully”, which makes you wonder, as Donald Trump is not a “bully”, but the mainstream media is and so are the pompous social justice warriors of Hollywood, trying to make him out to be one, when in all actuality it is the “fake news” media and Hollywood themselves, who are the real “bullies”.

If you don’t believe us, then take it from Zoe Saldana, the Hollywood actress herself, read right here. Who are the real “bullies” and why does Donald Trump choose to communicate directly with people, in all that he’s really doing? That’s why he publicises what he is doing, in order to by-pass the lying mass media and propaganda.

We will tell you again, it’s because of the lying mainstream news media that are constantly engaged in smear campaigns against him. Did it sink in, now?

The real victims in all of this are the brainwashed flock of sheep that listen to the false news stories and leftist propaganda stories by the mainstream news media, and what’s worse is that they actually believe in it. They are but pawns to people like George Soros, but Donald Trump is actually a President for all the people, and he’s putting America first.

If you’re still confused, please do leave a comment in the comments section down below and we’d be happy to enlighten you, even further.


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