News Updates on the Go! Brainstain is on Facebook!

Hello readers! Are you enjoying the various bits of news and satire pieces that Brainstain has to offer? If so, fantastic. For those of you who love what we put out, we want to let you know a little something that might make you love us just that little bit more. Want to know what it is? I’ll tell you, but first let me ask you this:

Is your Facebook feed a total bore? Do you hate scrolling through the home page seeing a bunch of the same old garbage you’ve seen a hundred times over? Well you can kiss those days a not so fond farewell, because I’m here to tell you that Brainstain’s here to help with our very own Official Facebook Page. That’s right reader, you can receive live updates on Braintain’s newest article releases while you’re browsing your Facebook pages! All you have to do is click on that link up there, and LIKE our page.

Simple as that. Just come on over to the following URL address and smash that like button harder than anything you’ve ever smashed before:

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